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Month in Review


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Hey Hamsters so some awesome things happening in the past month;


It would appear from my very own gazing eyes that turn outs on Tuesday nights have been pretty slick. A good number of gamers for X-wing, 40K, some Infinity, and the Sherbert endorsed "Saga". It's cool to see the backroom having more gamers then those damn magicers up front. We can't hate too much as they are they ones keeping us in business. Also good to see some new faces showing up in the backroom for more than just a trip to the porcelain express.


We had a really sick 40k Apoc game in January, where the turnout was huge. At least for an apoc. I want to again thank all of those who attended. But a special thanks to Eli the Elder and Jake. Together they made one tight Battle Preface and then a super awesome video battle report. If you guys haven't seen either of those you should really go to the Apoc Threads and look them up. Love 'em.


Super duper cool, is Jim and Brad have gotten some play testing, in on their new games. If you like chess, resource management and lots and lots of Cocaine then hit this guys up for a demo.


Miles wrote a book. Who knew?

Derek made some sick paint holders. I knew. If you find yourself flabbergastingly depressed and uniquely homicidal because you can't ever seem to contain your paints in a certain pristinely aligned fashion than hit him up for some. They appear to be quite handy.


Enough with the cute recap, upcoming things now and new news;

So we have some tourney's coming up that may spark some interest in those desperately seeking competition.


1.) Kevin has posted about attending an X-wing tournament. For those who are faintly interested, keep in mind that X-wing is fairly cheap and relatively easy to learn. If you are at all interested, then hop in and play one. From the looks of the last OFCC Kacy seemed to have a blast with it. Maybe that's because he took the Championship Title for an extremely stacked division. About six people deep. Regardless pick it up and try it out. Also if you don't happen to like the space side of Star Wars (which is literally 70% of the plot line) then you can try out some Imperial Assault with Russ, Keisha and sometimes Loren and Eli on Fridays. Equally cool game.


2.) DMB is coming up. And by DMB I of course mean Da Mommas Boys Brawl. And by coming up I of course mean sometime to be decided in maybe September. Corey or Duncan would know much more about this.


3.) OFCC in July. This is the big one for a lot of people so if you are interested ask around from teams, save your money and build your lists. In regards to this I have talked to Corey about starting a monthly tourney for 40k to do some OFCC prep. More on this in the future.


4.) Oh Canada - So I have been talking and pushing to get some hamsters to game up in Canada to help strengthen both of our clubs turn outs. Due to the possible border crossings issues and the like, this is taking a little longer than expected but expect more on this in the future.


5.) The Golden Mile - If you are just hearing about this then you are most definitely deaf. This is a big event hamsters as come March 28th @3pm we as a club are going to spoil the lives of several unsuspecting bar owners. Now whether or not the word "spoil" means good or bad...well I leave that to you to drunkenly decide. Oh and Brad please no cocaine. It's a helluva drug.


6.) Logo Update - So lastly I have been talking to our local Van Gogh, Nathan about updating the Warhamsters hamster Logo. He has finally presented some drawings that are awesome to say the least. Once the drafts come together over the next little bit, I will be calling a meeting and we can all vote on which one we like best or none at all if we want to keep it the same. I should also add, this design is targeted to become dice markings. These dice of course to be handed out to opponents of tournaments such as the OFCC. Also should add the genius idea that we are trying to get the Hamster head to take the place of the "6" of the dice. and the hamsters anus to take place as the "1". Yes anus. Just wait till you see the drawings. This will also be put on new shirts.


So with this Bible of a post I leave you now to play your games, plan trips, and make your babies. If anyone has anything to add, new announcements or etc. please post them up. Also any discussions or feelings lets hear 'em. Take care Hamsters.

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I like this new update format. For a short Treasurer's addendum, the Warhamsters' finances are doing fine ($307.64 in paypal and $67.13 quietly chilling in our local account). When this planned shirt order/dice order gets going, I expect we'll be able to back the purchases using wholly Warhamster funds and we'll likely turn a tidy profit via out-of-club shirt sales as we often do. My commentary on a few points:


1) X-Wang! Looking forward to following Kevin to glory in the South and I do plan to get us back to hosting local events as well. Interest waned a bit around the end of last year, but I expect with the upcoming release of the new faction that we could make something happen. Unfortunately for X-Wing, I'm no longer a hobo and have much less free time than I did last year, so perhaps Josh might be interested in spearheading this?


3) OFCC! I'm not sure if I'll be able to get Friday off for whatever they're doing that day or not, but I'm still planning to come down and beer caddy/hang out and get drunk like last year. This year however, I can afford to chip in on a room rather than just crashing on peoples' floor, so keep me in the loop when you guys are figuring that out.


4) Canada! I don't have much to add to this, beyond my support and my endorsement that going to Canada is super fun when it involves gaming with the guys up there. Some of my fondest Warhammer memories are of rolling dice with those guys and gazing upon the infinite loveliness of the Burger Lady.

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Ahh sweet Burger Lady. The heart goes on but it never heals.


Thanks for the update Shae!


RE: X-wing tournaments, I seem to recal Glenn saying he'd ordered a tournament pack. I'll confirm this on Tuesday and see if we can't put something together. If we use the force (of charisma, that is) at Card Kingdom, maybe we can entice some other wangers up here.

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