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OFCC 2015 Event and Ticket Information - Updated 3/16/2015

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Greetings Ordo Fanaticus,



Twelve years have come and gone and yet the indomitable spirit of OFCC remains.  Last year the event underwent a massive change where we combined both premiere team events into one event under the same roof. 


Once again we channel our inner Tzeentch and embrace change…


In an effort to improve the quality of our event, this year the OFCC will be moving venues to the Hilton in Vancouver, WA.  This venue should provide more space, better facilities and a better flexibility for the event.  


In 2013, the club ran its first Open event for the 2013 Warhammer 40k OFCC.  At OFCC 2014, the club ran its first Fantasy Open and ran both the 40k and Fantasy Open events on the Friday before the main premiere weekend events.  These two events generated enough interest and showcased an aspect that the club had been cultivating for years which was that Ordo Fanaticus can put on a competitive event and still espouse the ideals of sportsmanship and the hobby.


This organization has always done its best to keep its finger on the pulse of the community and to accommodate the desires of our members as well as we can.  In order to ensure the event’s success and continued growth, the OFCC 2015 will be undergoing one additional change.


The OFCC 2015 will have the Warhammer Fantasy Team and the Warhammer 40k Team events running alongside and simultaneously with the Warhammer Fantasy Open and the Warhammer 40k Open.  OFCC 2015 is also proud to announce that the Warhammer Fantasy Open will be a qualifier event for the US Master’s – Pacific Northwest Qualifiers Circuit and the Warhammer 40k Open is a qualifying event for the Frontline Gaming’s Independent Tournament Circuit (ITC).


The OFCC 2015 will still be a 4 day event weekend with the other events that we will be running still currently being To Be Announced.


Here is what you need to know for OFCC 2015:

Dates:   July 16-19, 2015

Location: The Hilton in Vancouver, WA.

Room Reservations: 


2 Queen Beds - 

Single Rate - $119.00

Double Rate - $119.00

Triple Rate - $119.00

Quad Rate - $129.00


1 King Bed -

Single Rate - $119.00

Double Rate - $119.00

Triple Rate - N/A

Quad Rate - N/A



·         Space is limited:  We have a specific block of rooms we are able to reserve at this rate.

·         Rate is good until the block sells out

·         Parking in on-site garage is normally $15, but they are discounting it by 25% for our weekend. There is also a nearby parking garage with lower rates, and on street parking is free on the weekends.


How to book:


Call:   (360) 993-4500

Toll Free: (888) 370-0980

Online:  here

If booking by phone or online please use the coupon code: OFC in order to get the event rates on your hotel stay.



Ordo Fanaticus would like to announce that the tickets for OFCC 2015 are now on sale!  Tickets will now be available for all the events listed below.


Participation in the team events must be pre-approved.  Please ensure your team is on the approved team list before purchasing a ticket.


Approved teams are encouraged to purchase their tickets as soon as possible in order to lock in their attendance for the event. Teams that have not purchased all their tickets by April 15th, 2015 may lose their spot on the approved list in favor of a wait list team.


You may buy tickets here.


Current Schedule for OFCC 2015


Friday Events:

Warhammer Fantasy Doubles Event  Canceled

Warhammer 40k Doubles Event

Infinity Event

X-wing Event

Malifaux Event

Blood Bowl


Additional events may be scheduled based upon interest.

*Events that do not reach a minimum threshold of 8 ticket sales will be cancelled and the tickets refunded.


Saturday/Sunday Events:

Warhammer Fantasy Team Event (20 teams - 80 players)

Warhammer Fantasy Open Event (32 players) - Canceled

Warhammer 40k Team Event (20 teams - 80 players)

Warhammer 40k Open Event (32 players) Canceled

Malifaux Masters Event (24 players)


Note: Event capacity may be changed dependent upon ticket sales and space availability.

*Events that do not reach a minimum threshold of 50% of the event slots will have the event cancelled and the tickets refunded.


Event Costs*:


Saturday/Sunday WFB and W40k Team Events - $75

Saturday/Sunday W40k  and W40k Open  Events - $45  No Longer Available

Saturday/Sunday Malifaux Masters Event - $45

Friday Events - $25

*Becoming an Ordo Fanaticus Reaver Champion or greater provides a 20% discount on ticket prices.




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Ticket Price Change for Opens
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Yes, players will need to decide if they want to participate in the singles event or the team event for both 40k and Fantasy this year.  Friday events will hopefully be more narrative and single event driven like the Opens last year.

I really like this change.  There were a lot of people scrambling to find a team during the 3 months prior to the 2014 event.


Is there a chosen date for the decisions to be made?

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i get to start the complaint thread MUWAHAHAHA!!! jk its more of a 'thought' for the future.  i may be in the minority, but as much as i love a huge geek-loving event id rather have more opportunities for a one time a year event in our area.  especially for those that play both of the GW platforms, fantasy and 40k, they essentially have to choose not only which game system but also what type of event(fun team vs competitive).  just a suggestion but making it a 2x a year event(not necessarily close in time) seems like the most logical way to go imo. obviously cost more but if you have one in the spring and fall you could plan for both.  have a 40k open/fantasy team and then vice versa for both events.  i think you would get a similar turnout to both events and everyone would have a blast... just some food for thought  :wink: .  like the rules set john, keep up the good work!

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Whilst I personally am disappointment with both events (team and open) on the same day, I get it.


What I AM concerned with though is the ITC aspect for 40k.

I, respectfully, hope that the HoG will discourage douche-bag gaming at this event.


I heard lots of horror stories for last week's TSHFT about players, TOs, terrain and non-painted armies. Ordo would take a big blow to its reputation if similar issues were to occur.

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I think the idea is to get all the douche-bags to go to the open and all the non-douche-bags to go to the team event. :)


FFS no.


The players that wish to play in a less list restrictive environment may play in the Open, while the Team event is for various clubs to play and compete against each other.

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