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Spare Raveners?

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that works and 2 should be good, here is my 2k list, let me know what you think:


2 x Dakka Flyrant w/egrubs (1 probably deep strike and 1 on table)

3 x zoanthrope

1 x venomthrope

5 x genestealers (infiltrate on objectives)

14 x hormagaunt

6 x raveners (not deep striking so they can get objectives and/or hopefully charge turn 1)

3 x dakkafexs all in drop pods

1 x exocrine (for the MUCH needed AP2)

aegis and comms relay

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Remember you can no longer charge top of turn 1. You can charge bottom of turn 1. Those ravy's are incredibly killable. Fexes are a super solid investment as well as zoas and tyrants. Genestealers may be hard to keep alive. But yeah other than that looks good. Your nid play style is a good mix of my style and shauns. I am taking the Barbed H-dule though. Wahahaahaaahaa. There are going to be Titans for sure. The question is...are you ready to deal with them??

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