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So I'm getting kickstarter goodies to Guard with...


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As the title says I received a couple of kickstarter models and I'm wondering how bad this multiple years ago planned army really is. For the infantry I have a ridiculous amount of Raging Heroes toughest girls of the galaxy while the Manticore is a dream forge APC with the Thor upgrade. This army only uses 4 GW models! I should prolly replace the Tempestus boys and sentinels with leman russes or Chimeras but this is what I wrote up first.


Commisar lord carapace armor, and camo gear (hide the warlord)

Commisar lord power weapon

3 priests yay smash for ap 2!

3 primaris psykers lvl 2 for all not sure about disciplines

3 engine seers little more IC combat (2 will be doctor von X this cool chick with a tea pot and cup)


Six veteran squads

3 using jailbird models (triple grenade Launcher, triple sniper, triple plasma)

3 using Kurganova troopers (all with carapace, triple grenade Launchers, triple plasma, triple Melta)

2 Tempestus platoons

2 five man squads (double Melta)

2 five man squads (double plasma)

I have some Kurganova heavy troopers and iron empire to use for these


Manticore with relic plating (had 4 points at the end)


And the GW stuff...


3 scout sentinels with Las (prolly all separate and out flanking)


Total is 1999 seems really silly on paper might be able to make it work, who knows.


Thoughts from the peanut gallery?

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Holy cow command squads get spendy fast!


So as I'm avoiding transports, I want to see all my cool models I worked through dropping the Commisars and replaced them with a command squad. This also entailed dropping 2 of the sentinels. I'll prolly rework to drop the third one and try to squeeze in another command with ordinance and astropath. But as it stands I dropped both Commisars above and two sentinels for...


Company commander


Master of ordinance

Master of the fleet

Nork Deddog (I'm on foot all the extra wounds I can get...)

Carapace for all that can (am I reading this right 13 points? 5 on the commander 2 per Vet)

Camo gear for all(same issue above 18 points tho)

2 sniper rifles (stupid cheap)

1 five point weapon Flamer or grenade Launcher leaning grenade right now...

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