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To end SOME speculation I'll say it's not a different scale. And I'll add that this whilst initially being a standalone product is only the beginning smile.png
It isn't [a necromunda reboot] smile.png

I'll be willing to have a bet with them on the first one (Plastic 30k models) smile.png
.... and agree with them on the second (two boardgames), although they're not JUST "boardgames" wink.png

Yes indeed, but let's take it a bit further. Let's imagine creating a standalone game, which is only available for say 6 months, BUT then we'll make the models from it available as individual box sets for something we are definitely going to support, something that might take up empty shelf space in stores. Lets ALSO then imagine we then release another standalone game, again limited to so many months, then we make the models from that set available for another range we support.
Obviously I'm just speculating here.... right wink.png


Oh, and just for the record AFAIK there's no 40k end times. 40k remains as is.

As I previously said I am lead to believe it will be a main range (30k) and will take up the shelf space from lotr/hobbit. I think continued support is pretty much a given.

Don't forget once this standalone box is off the shelves/website the contents (models) will for boxes for the main range. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they were in a similar fashion to the recent Deathstorm components.

I'm almost 100% certain it will not use the same rules as 40k, if it did it would be pointless as a standalone game, and pointless providing in box rules for 30k & 40k. That's what I think anyway.

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