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My RAW Artists Showcase


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I know I have not been active on here lately but I have been working my butt off trying to figure out a way to hustle for myself in life rather than grind away at the rat race. The answer to this has taken the form of art and I have been busy making things happen for me there. A major part of this is have a RAW Artists Showcase happening March 4th and 5th at Holocene in Portland! Info and tickets can be had at www.rawartists.org/artbymauz . Tickets are $15 until the end of this week and $20 at the door. I have to sell a total of 20 and have 9 left to make this a reality for me. I am offering up free art goodies to people who purchase tickets through that website. There will be lots of art, fashion, music, and live performance to keep you entertained. Thanks for checking this out and for any support you can provide! Hope to see some of you there!!!

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If anyone 21+ reading this is interested in checking out my art or coming out to Holocene tonight, please contact me. I have tickets that can be used and it would be free as long as you do not mind saying you are someone else. This is totally legit and worked last night and I would rather tickets paid for get used than go to waste! I have a few and it is from 6pm - 10pm tonight!!! Let me know and I will tell you who you are on my list! (these are limited so first come first served until they are gone!)

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My set up for the show...if anyone has any interest in stuff pictured here or knows of any connections to make more art shows happen for me....contact me! Best part was telling another artist about me playing with spray paint and using primer to begin with because I had it for my 40K models. She made her boyfriend pay attention and I made a new 40K friend out of the deal who is sort of newish to the area....he mentioned he made it to the garage sale when I mentioned Ordo and says he plays league at GG. I love this city and how things like this happen far too often! Thanks for letting me post about this here!

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