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Poll - Warhamster Dice Color

Warhamster Dice  

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  1. 1. What color would you like the Warhamster dice to be?

    • White/Ivory
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red/Scarlet/Burgundy
    • Green/Jade/Bright Green
    • Blue/Royal Blue/Bright Blue
    • Aqua/Shell/Teal/Slate
    • Purple/Shadow
    • Grey/Steel/Silver
    • Black/Smoke
    • Clear/Aquerple
    • Gold/Copper/Bronze
    • Pink

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As you know from the other thread, we're getting some Warhamster dice made! This is your chance to vote on the color you'd like those dice to be! I'll edit the full list into this post when I'm able to (work computer is weird with copy/pasting), but in the meantime you can check it out in the logo thread. To find what any color/style looks like, just copy and paste the name out of that list into google. Once we get enough votes, I'll close the poll and open up a new poll with different style options for each of the top five winning color choices. Vote away!

EDIT: Here's the full list from the other thread. Google them up and vote on your favorite color!

Opaque Ivory/black
Opaque White/black
Opaque Yellow/black
Opaque Orange/black
Opaque Red/white
Opaque Green/white
Opaque Blue/white
Opaque Purple/white
Opaque Grey/black
Opaque Black/white
Opaque Black/red
Opaque Black/gold
Translucent Clear/white
Translucent Yellow/white
Translucent Orange/white
Translucent Red/white
Translucent Green/white
Translucent Blue/white
Translucent Purple/white
Translucent Smoke/white
Borealis Aquerple/black
Borealis Light Green/gold
Borealis Purple/white
Borealis Sky Blue/white
Cirrus Aqua/silver
Gemini Black-Blue/gold
Gemini Black-Copper/white
Gemini Black-Gold/silver
Gemini Black-Green/gold
Gemini Black-Grey/green
Gemini Black-Purple/gold
Gemini Black-Shell/white
Gemini Blue-Green/gold
Gemini Blue-Magenta/gold
Gemini Blue-Orange/white
Gemini Blue-Red/Gold
Gemini Blue-Red/White
Gemini Copper-Green/white
Gemini Copper-Steel/white
Gemini Copper-Teal/silver
Gemini Gold-White/black
Gemini Green-Gold/white
Gemini Green-Purple/gold
Gemini Green-Steel/white
Gemini Green-Yellow/silver
Gemini Orange-Yellow/black
Gemini Pink-Purple/white
Gemini Purple-Red/gold
Gemini Purple-Steel/white
Gemini Red-Yellow/silver
Gemini Steel-Teal/white
Leaf Black Gold/silver
Leaf Steel/gold
Lustrous Black/gold
Lustrous Bronze/white
Lustrous Gold/silver
Lustrous Green/white
Lustrous Purple/gold
Lustrous Shadow/gold
Lustrous Slate/white
Marble Ivory/black
Mother of Pearl Blue/silver
Mother of Pearl White/black
Nebula Black/white
Nebula Blue/white
Phantom Black/silver
Phantom Teal/gold
Scarab Blue Blood/gold
Scarab Jade/gold
Scarab Royal Blue/gold
Scarab Scarlet/gold
Velvet Black/red
Velvet Blue/white
Velvet Bright Blue/silver
Velvet Copper/white
Velvet Gold/white
Velvet Green/white
Velvet Pink/white
Velvet Purple/white
Velvet Silver/white
Vortex Black/yellow
Vortex Blue/gold
Vortex Bright Green/black
Vortex Burgundy/gold
Vortex Green/gold
Vortex Orange/black
Vortex Purple/gold
Vortex Teal/gold

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