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'Hamsters are great


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Hello there,


Just popping in for a drive-by compliment.  I know that I'm not the most active gamer in the Warhamsters group, or even that some of you think I'm actually someone's forum alter-ego.  Totally understandable.


But I *DID* want to say that you folks have always been friendly, supportive and encouraging to me, my wife and my boys whenever we stop by the shop or when I converse on the boards.  And I wanted to give a heartfelt "thank you" for that.


Please know that although perhaps not in physical form, I am very much with you in spirit and try to help the 'hamsters any way I can.  If folks need 40k armies to test out I've loaned stuff out before.  If folks need assistance and I can help, I try to.


I've been painting some figures as I've been getting my schedule somewhat sorted and really, truly want to play sometime!  But hey, some progress is still progress!


Anyhow, just wanted to say "thank you" again and appreciate everyone's friendliness.


Stay safe,




P.S.  I am a real person.  Some 'hamsters have even met me.  I do exist.  Really.

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Yea!!!! Hamster Love!!!!! Seriously, in all my life, I have never had the privilege of associating with such a rich, diverse, and universally marvelous group of gamers. Having a handful of gamers I can get excited about is one thing. Having a big clubful is another beast entirely. I feel very, very blessed.


Also, Don is a real person! Who needs to stop being so community- and family-minded so he can hang out with us more!

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