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Space Marines for sale

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Okay, so my marines have disappeared quite a bit. Hoping to sell off the last few.


20ish marines - mostly unpainted/primed (some are in salamander colors) mostly bolters, a few missile lauchers, one flamer.

5+ metal terminators, standard and a few thunder hammer guys. painted in Sal colors

librarian on foot

librarian on bike (conversion)

2 assembled and primed black attack bikes with multi meltas

1 attack bike on sprue

1 set of FW salamander LR doors

odd terminator blisters (captains and death wing)

5+ metal scouts (2 are snipers, one is a hvy bolter, 1 shotgun, one sgt, and then a couple of others)


Looking for $100


would consider trades for Firestorm Armada or bolt action.

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