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Probing Dice Options Poll


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  1. 1. Which Side are You?

    • One Side of Dice w/6 side as Hamster Head(only)
    • One Side of Dice w/1 side as Hamster Rear(only)
    • Two Sides of Dice w/1&6 side Hamster(Head/Rear)
    • No side of Dice/Don't like any idea

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So I want to get a clear idea, since it seems that this new idea has caused quite the stir.


If you can vote and not concern yourself with any cost or logistics that would go into the creation of these dice, I want to get an idea of those who like the idea not concerning the price.


If you could hypothetically get some dice for free that had these various options.....which would you choose? If you want to display a reasoning and feel comfortable then please post in the comments below.

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My two biggest oppositions to Hamster Butt are as follows:


1) I tend to forget when my dice have a replacement symbol, and thus I know I will find myself in a position of having to explain (to a non-hamster) what the symbols  mean after I roll.  Having two replacement symbols creates the potential for arguments over cheating -- and presents the opportunity for cheating (I know I would be tempted to claim the Hamster Butt is the six if I rolled a hand heavy with hamster ass).  While having two replacement symbols would definitely be unique, I suspect the reason it would be unique is because most people recognize this potential for cheating.  I would just prefer one replacement symbol so that I can show the other player sides 1-5 and confirm the hamster is the six.


2) It's a bit juvenile and tacky.  While I know the world of wargaming is hardly one of high brow manners, I just don't want to have to explain to non-hamsters that my dice have buttholes on them.  My sense is that the number of people who would be amused by it is less than the number of people who would roll their eyes at it.  I don't want to be embarrassed by my dice.

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Ahh Now I see where the problem lies. My apologies and correct me if I am wrong. The initial idea was that we were going to be ordering massive amounts with the 2 sided customized faces. So in turn 36 dice per person or something of that matter. However my vision was to have very few unique 2 sided customized dice. Maybe just two per person. In that case then it won't matter if the dice stands out, and the opponents won't get confused as you won't be taking 30 armor saves on just two dice. If you do I would shoot you myself. Gladly...and repeatedly.


Remember, no matter how many dice we do or don't have, it is up to the gamer to clearly clarify how they note the facings of the dice. Hopefully this clarifies things.

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/agree with BradNardone and others.


6 = hamster of infinite cuteness


1 = just a regular ol' pip


Small thought but I betcha that once the 'hamster die are out there anyway, regardless of graphics, I bet the rolls of 1 will be known as the bhole anyhow.  It'll be on the opposite side of the hamster of infinite cuteness, it's only one pip that is probably of similar scale to a hamster's pooper and the majority of gamers are boys.  So I bet without any prompting it shall be known.


Stay safe,



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