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Warhamsters Call to Meeting Tuesday March 10th

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...This gives us one day and 1 week to figure ourselves out. I want to have the meeting Tuesday March 10th @6pm. I have a fallback created for Tuesday March 17th @6pm. He have a few things to vote on and time is of the essence. If you are unable to make the 10th (and I mean honestly unable) then we will look to push it to the 17th. However we don't have time to push it out too much further.


The meeting shouldn't take to long. We will be going over the Dice, New Logo and the shirts. If there are any other topics that anyone wants to cover than now is the time. Good Luck and have fun Hamsters see you the 10th.

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Voting will include:


Choosing Warhamster Logo

Discussion and Voting of Warhamster Shirt

Discussion of Warhamster New Logo dice to include

*which logo to use on dice

*which facings of the dice to be customized

*getting a feel for the amount of dice we should order

*any special dice orders


Any additional voting topics???

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