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Ordo 40k Escalation - Week 8


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Escalation League Week 8


Believe it or not, it's week eight of the escalation league.  We're nearly done, but it's never to late to join!



This week we're at 1700 pts and will play on 6x4 tables.  This week we'll be playing a random maelstrom mission.  Roll a d6 with your opponent at the start of the game to determine which mission.


Special League Objectives for the Week


[   ]  +1 if you perils of the warp

[   ]  +1 if you cause a failed charge due to overwatch

[   ]  +1 if you explode (7+) a vehicle

[   ]  +1 if you fight in a challenge

[   ]  +1 if you vector strike

[   ]  +1 if you cause a failed fear check



Win the mission +4 league points

Tie +3 league points

Loss +2 league points


PAINTING LEAGUE POINTS - Painting points are awarded for models that are painted to a three-color minimum and based.  Max 10 points.

Models you've painted since last week:

+1 per infantry model

+2 per bike base model

+3 per 40mm-50mm based models

+5 per vehicle, flyer, or 100mm base models



Did you bring food for the group?  +2 points

Was it homemade? Bonus +1



In the week prior to the match did you post on Ordo or blog about your army?  +1 point

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