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H: PS Games W:$$$/Trade


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Lego Harry Potter 1-4

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Borderlands 2



Fallout 3: GOTY Edition

Diablo 3




Kingdom Hearts



Trades for these are in your favor
- IA2: Second Edition
- Sicaran Battle Tank or nice scratchbuild/conversion
- 40K BOOKS: (Champions of Fenris)
- Paypal $$$
- Lords of Waterdeep Skullport Expansion
- MTG Decks (Fate Reforged Clash pack, Elspeth vs Kiora Duel and Blue/Green/Purple/White/Red Commander 2014)
- DEADZONE: Stuntbot, Valkyr Bike, Dead Figure Set, Strider, Enforcer with Thermal Rifle/Fusion Gun, Warpath Enforcer Captain, Marauder Upgrade Pack, Warpath Marauder Warlord, Asterian Pulse Bombard Upgrade, Any Terrain, Connector Sprues, Scenery Upgrade Sprue,  Acrylic Counters
- SPACE WOLVES: Companies of Fenris (painting guide), Wolf Guard Edition objective markers
- 40K BOOKS: Current 40k Codexes/Supplements (PHYSICAL ONLY) (Necrons, Dark Eldar, Grey Knights, Harlequins, Iyanden, Farsight, Black Legion, Imperial Knights, Shield of Baal: Exterminatus, Sanctus Reach 1 or 3, Ghazkghull) 
- Redemptionists
- Daemonifuge II and Daemonifuge: Heretic Saint or the compiled Daemonifuge Book
- Tablewar unit trays and magnets
- Other New on Sprue or New in Box 40k that I can flip for resale
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