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Video Games: Heroes of the Storm Beta Keys

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I played the Alpha a bit. My opinion of the game during that time:


Pretty enjoyable. It's a bit more brawly than LOL or DOTA2. There is no real "laning" phase, and most of the game focuses on skirmishes with enemies while leveling up, and attempting to control the map objectives.


Map objectives are pretty huge. Ignoring them will lose you games. At the same time, devoting 100% of resources into them is also a grand source for failure. Coordinated efforts to complete the objectives while harassing their lanes/neutral minions while the opponent is doing it can be a huge advantage.


Organized play might actually be MORE important in HotS than in LOL or DOTA. It's not just pushes that need coordination, you need to be able to counter mercenaries, and map mechanics.


Games are a bit shorter on average than LOL and DOTA which makes it nice.


As for champ selection, it was up and down during the alpha. Pretty drastic changes all over. But, it seemed like they were on the right path. Each champ I played was fun and balanced for the most part. Tyrael and Tassadar were my faves during Alpha.


So yeah... map mechanics are vastly different. Maps are randomly chosen, and have some sort of central mechanic that they're all based around. There is one that's all about collecting dubloons from chests/neutral mercenaries, and then going to the center and having to turn them in (you're a sitting duck for 5 or so seconds while doing so btw) to get a pirate ship to fire cannonballs at your enemies outermost buildings. Each time you do it makes it more expensive, so you will be hard pressed to win by that alone. In some ways you're better off doing more damage early on for a cheap purchase closer to the end of the game.


It's great fun, I'd strongly suggest it. I'll check out my invites and see if I can toss them to people too.


If you play LOL, expect it to play more like ARAM than Summoner's Rift btw.

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There is a 'laning' phase, but only insomuch as you NEED to soak minion experience.  The main difference in HotS is that experience is really the ONLY  resource to gather and the race to 10 and 20 is central to competitive play imo.


Spot on with the Map objectives and the brawly, and by brawly I mean team fighting.


This game is extremely comp defendant, even more so than LoL or DOTA imo


Games are significantly shorter than LoL and DoTA, which is a big draw for me


I think some champs are more balanced than others, but the game is in BETA, i expect about as much.  I think player skill really shines thru on some champs more than others.  I also think HotS is taking more chances on mechanics than some of the more main stream games which I appreciate, innovation.


Map mechanics.....love it or hate it, it's pretty core for HotS, I'll just say I enjoy some more than others.


In HotS, much more than LoL, you pick a role at champ select, once you buy that ticket you take the ride, there is no way to purchase items to help you fill other roles or increase utility.  Yes there are talents, but in my experience they don't offer much outside the theme of the choosen role.


I agree with the aram comment insomuch that ARAM teaches and forces you to teamfight....actually the way Blizz does team comp for a pick up game...the all random aspect is pretty spot on Shaun, I agree


If you have been interested in trying a MOBA but have had a bad experience or have been intimidated, this is a really good start into the MOBA genre of games, because Blizz is pulling the majority of it's testers from it's established player base, most people have no idea how to play a MOBA, so jump in and learn with the rest of them :D 


*Edit: I answered your post because I've been dying to talk about this game with someone, so Ty Shawn 

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Btw, the biggest thing to know if you've done other MOBAs is that there is no last hitting.


As long as you're in range (it seems to be about double the attack ranges, so you can keep safe and get XP, but someone can dive at you pretty easily) of a minion that your team kills, you get the xp. So, gone are the days of getting that last hit in for bonus xp/money. Your focus becomes much more harassing the enemies so that they flee and lose out on XP.


Also, if memory serves, xp is shard amongst the entire team? So if your lane isn't getting XP, the whole team isn't getting XP. And everyone on the team levels up at the same times.

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