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FoW Pickup games @ GG


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I copied your comments from the Campaign thread to here, to prevent a muddle:

"...I would like to know what period people are playing for pick-up games cause I can bring stuff for any period & any side, I just don't want to cart all of it. 2 armies I do regularly, 3 I can do, but all 10 every thursday? No Way."

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RE: Pickup games:

Either EW or MW, for me.

Can adapt my EW strelkovy to a MW Strel list.

Currently modding my EW russians to MW.

Should have my preferred MW Strelkovy list by last week of March.


If someone has a EW GE Czech Panzerkompanie, I would like to try that out, or fight against it

-- e.g.,

    -- BR vs. GE @ Battle of Arras, or

    -- FR vs. GE @ River Ourthe, Dinant, or Siege of Lille

    -- Belgians vs. Rommel (Chasseurs Ardennais at Chabrehez)

I am considering building out GE Czech Panzerkompanie modeled on the 7. Pz Div., for EW, Blitzkrieg.


However, if someone wants to loan me an army, I have the following books and can try out a non-Russian army:

LW: Grey Wolf, Red Bear, Desperate Measures

MW:Eastern Front

EW: Rising Sun, Barbarossa

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After a brief chat on what we would like to do on Thurdays, a small consenus is:


For Thursday Night casual/pickup games,

 1) April and May : Getting ready for Enfilade (see post Enfilade 2015 Fow Tournament (official thread)


  We will have a focus on Mid-War Army lists to try out lists for Enfilade, (in May).

   MW Army Lists should be from these books:

           North Africa (pub 2009)

           Eastern Front (pub 2009)

    If you show up with one or more armies, the optimal list is 1710 pts (Enfilade tourny points max)

Some of us also have lists for 1250, 1500, 1550 and 1750, if you are so inclined, or have not yet painted your tournament list to full size.


2) Enfilade! : 23 May


3) After Enfilade, in June and for a while beyond, we will be on campaign: Firestom: Overlord.

-- These LW armies will come from "Rising Tide" and "Atlantik Wall"

-- FIrst Game will be Saturday, the Sixth of JUNE! (time TBD).

For more info at the FoW website, go to http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=4495

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