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SHAE! What were we thinking!?

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So we are taking a venomthropes for 45 points just for the shrouded. Toughness 4 2 wounds and an elite slot. For the same price we can take 3 units of mucolid spore cluster which have 1 less toughness but have 3 wounds each and can deep strike, and best of all are troops. I am now taking 4 to fill up all my troops to be batte forged, have 4 points of shrouded(probably deep striking 2-3), and opens an elite slot, all for 60 points.

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they cannot secure objectives, but its not like i'm taking a objective securing unit off the board to replace it with, plus they don't count as victory points when killed.  I honestly just wanna get 6 for 90 points and drop them everywhere on the board giving everything in my army shrouded.  Imagine a world with 2+ jink for flyrants....  Shea just drop 3 around your H-dule and don't have to worry about synapse.

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