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Downtown Portland Tech job for anyone looking

Dark Trainer

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A recruiter I had met recently sent me this and I didn't want to pursue it, but knew of TONS of computer savvy peeps on our boards, so here's the offer he send me below. Also, if you're interested and meet 'some' of the requirements look into it. He said pay was around 38,500-42,000/yr (don't mention that part to him up front). The company you'd be working for is not west coast careers, Dan is a recruiter for tech companies. 


His contact info is:

Dan Morris

Email: dan@westcoastcareers.com 

Recruiter site: www.westcoastcareersoregon.com 


Advice, I'd apply even if you haven't done Zendesk, HTML coding, etc. It's mostly just someone who needs troubleshooting skills, good communication skills (i.e. Team player), and solid computer skills (office, Windows, Mac, etc) they can train upon. 




Job description below, it’s with a local SaaS company downtown.


See below.


As a Technical Support Specialist, you will be responsible for providing outstanding help and service to ****** customers who reach us via phone, web and email, while also providing internal desktop computer support, partner support and other duties as assigned. You’ll be responsible for creating exceptional customer satisfaction in all aspects of support – including case management, FAQs, knowledge base articles, and other support documents. You will provide detailed support information to the Product Development Team. You’ll work directly with our business partners to provide support and/or training on multiple products. You will need to have excellent communication and people skills, as you’ll be a crucial part of the in-depth experience our customers have with ******. We’ll also need you to have a balance of technical expertise, passion for improving customer’s business, and a thorough understanding of business processes. Primary responsibilities include: Customer Support, Internal Desktop Support & Product Feedback (detailed below).




Assume responsibility for execution of tier-II quality support across multiple products.

Prioritize and assign incoming customer support issues and ensure response according to defined standards, documenting all related communication/information into a centralized ticketing system.

Efficiently, effectively and fully resolve customer issues, implementation and account management requests.

Teach best practices to provide high-value, educational interactions with customers.

Provide daily review of completed help desk tickets for accuracy and completeness.

Handle customer interactions with diplomacy and tact.

Internal Desktop Support


Configure and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows and MacOS hardware and software, including Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Configure and troubleshooting printers, wireless networks, firewalls and other office devices.

Product Feedback


Collect, organize and deliver customer feedback to the product team to help improve our products and solutions



Experience in Zendesk


At least two years’ experience solving computer problems.  Certifications and technical degrees are desirable.

Familiarity with compliance regulations is a plus.

Of greatest importance is that you possess a commitment to resolving the issue, no matter what it takes.

Very strong knowledge of computer technology as it relates to the real world.   You should have the ability to make people comfortable with *******’s technology.

Familiarity with both the Windows and MAC operating systems.


Experience troubleshooting common browser issues related to web-based software, ideally with all major web browsers.

Experience troubleshooting common desktop computer problems.

Ability to author, edit, and troubleshoot basic HTML code.

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