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Armies for Sale!

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So I have 4 40k armies. That's at least 3 too many for a game I no longer play, and 1 too few closets in an apartment with limited space. So I'm gonna keep my DE because I love the aesthetic, conversion opportunities, and play style, but I think it's time to part ways with the rest.


I'm not at home to take exact inventory, but I intend to sell off:


About 5000 points of space marines (almost nothing painted)

About 4000 points of Tau (a little over 2k painted)

3000-4000 points of Orks (very little painted)


I'm not trying to make a ton of money on this, and they deserve a loving home. I'll probably be selling them for the $250-$300 range and it'll include whatever army cases they're stored in.


Post or PM if you're interested and we'll talk bidniss.

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So here's what I've got for space marines:


9 assembled bolter tacs (a few more on sprues)

3 tacs with flamers

1 with melta

1 with plasma

2 lascannons

2 heavy bolters

2 missile launchers

1 multi melta

10 various combies

9 various sergeants

15 bolter sternguard

8 sniper scouts

2 missile scouts

3 predators

2 vindicators

3 razorbacks

1 ven dread

2 regular dreads

2 ironclad dreads

1 landraider Redeemer

1 thunderfire

5 termies

5 assault termies

11 bikes

3 attack bikes

2 land speeders

3 drop pods

1 chaplain

1 bike chappie

1 termie librarian

1 master of the forge

1 captain

Tons and tons (and tons) of bits!

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Tau are already spoken for by BradNardone, orks I haven't worked up a full list yet but Whitedevil has shown interest in my nob bikers, deffkoptas, and tankbustas.


Aside from that I've sold off almost all my boys previously, but I've probably got a few more rattling around somewhere.


I've got:


18 nobz

15 lootas

10 meganobz

2 trukks

1 battlewagon

Shokk attack gun


Kustom force field mek

Converted Warboss (based on grimgor Ironhide from fantasy)

10 kommandos

1 snikrot


Then a handful of scratch-built and converted trukks, looted wagons, and battlewagons that I'll just throw in for whomever buys the biggest lot.


Oh, and tons and tons of bits!

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