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H: kids sparring gear W: other stuff $


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I recently worked out a trade for some gear I wanted and needed but the trade also included me getting stuff I have no need for as its way small for me. I would prefer to have all this stuff go at the same time and place but we will see. 



Tae Kwon Do sparring gear

All of the listed items are in good shape but are for some one much smaller than myself. All of the gear listed is Tiger Claw and in good shape aside from where the person I got it from marked their initials. All of the guards are matching colors silvery grey except for the cloth shin guard and the rib/groin guard.


Shin Guards    http://www.amazon.com/Tiger-Claw-Sparmaster-Shin-Guards/dp/B00E5OXYS2

Shin Guards    http://www.maeqd.com/product-7754-tiger-claw-cloth-shin-instep-guard.html

Helmet            http://www.amazon.com/Tiger-Claw-Sparmaster-Pro-Spar-Guard/dp/B00E5P1L8G/ref=sr_1_5?m=AL4TBE53IRQYR&s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1425835554&sr=1-5

Kick Guard      http://www.amazon.com/Tiger-Claw-Kick-Guard-Sparmaster/dp/B0000C5G6I

Rib Guard       http://www.maeqd.com/product-7737-tiger-claw-reversible-vinyl-rib-guard.html

Punch              http://www.blackbeltshop.com/tigerclaw_blue_punches.htm

Adidas size 9  http://www.peoplesmartialarts.com/ecommerce/protections/footwear/adidas-adi-kick-taekwondo-shoes.html


All of the above items seem to be well cared for and are in good shape. The Adidas seem to have little or no use aside from a very light scuff on the heal of one sneaker. The shoes are clean with no odors and look to have lots of tread. Id keep the kicks to wear but at a 12 1/2 the giant mud stompers I wear make these look like hobbit shoes. Dont know if it matters to anyone but the fella I got the gear from mentioned his kids and all the gear was in a large paper bag labeled Jenny so I assume it was purchased for a girl but none of it is gender specific as far as I can tell.





heavy bag 100-150lbs

Heavy bag stand

Crash pads

Kick/punch Shields

Sparing gear---fencing
Master series/collector series legos from star wars
Good quality fixed gear or 10 speed road bike


Game stuff wants


D20 Star wars


Newer Star Wars comics (I already own a full run of marvel SW in pretty good shape aside from the rarer price #1)

other country Ticket to Ride

unlikely but Original Frank Miller Wolverine run

if you have something neat offer the worst Ill say is no



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