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Pax Food Diary


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More of a blog than a thread. A friend is trying to lose weight and I'm curious if my weight is related to food consumption, so we're going to compare food consumption stats for a week to see if my build is transferable to another person from a strictly consumption based standpoint.


And because it sounded fun.


PS: Days are counted from waking up to going to sleep, unrelated to the 24 hour clock. Week is starting 3/8.

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Day 1:

3600 Calories (1800 fat based)

139g fat

Cholesterol 70mg

6565mg sodium

1460mg potassium

30g dietary fiber

85.5g sugar

124.5g protein

Vitamin A 76%

Calcium 128%

Iron 159%

Vitamin D 50%

Riboflavin 4%

Vitamin E 100%

Phosphorus 8%

Magnesium 12%

Zinc 4%

Copper 12%

Manganese 12%

Folate 157.5%


Day 2


So tired. Got a bunch of exercise.


1 carton of orange juice.

1 container of honey roasted peanuts.

1 white monster energy drink.

"wild rice pilaf"

"3-4oz of tenderloin"

"potato cubes"

42 more of those Pizza "rolls"


Day 3

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Umm. I don't know that this is the right place for this...

Oh, you mean that the Random Photo thread fits, but a food diary is too weird?


The Description of the Warpspace sub-forum:


Stuff that's not about games (really)

Seems to fit the bill.

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The difference is... And I'm not trying to be mean here... People want to read the random photo thread. Also, the RP thread and others like it are a back and forth. This is just a food blog and would be better served (ha!) in a blog setting.

Haven't you noticed yet? I treat the entirety of this site as my blog. The wise crack is a joke, but I do think that creating a blog within an Ordo thread isn't entirely uncommon and is very much reasonable. I have a similar post for my Exorcists, which then became my Minotaurs.


In regards to others being interested, until someone comments and we create a conversation, every post is just a blog.


At present, the validity of my post within the warpspace subforum, is the topic of this thread. I could rename it, I suppose. Always amazing, the direction some of the threads go. I think my SM thread is presently talking exclusively about sisters which are not even in my army.


In all seriousness, You are welcome to post your food diary for the week and we can compare. I'd be curious what the average Ordo Member Calorie intake is per day.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Weight is relative to way more factors. Secondly wow that was not a healthy day.


Activity level and age play a large role in our metabolism as to how much we need to consume to maintain. I eat a balanced diet without grains and consume 3000-5000 calories a day, yet I run and bike to work minimum without time of 20 mins and max of 8 hours of strenuous activity in a given day. Mind you 8 hours is done on average about 4 times a year I usually am 50 mins most days as that is my commute time to work. On rare occasions I will eat 1500 that is my lathargic days.


I love to eat and I love to eat a lot but I do enact the rule of 20, eat a normal portion sit and weight twenty before seconds. Many times we eat distracted and so we jus eat and eat but don't let our body time to tell us we are full.


With all that being said I have recently changed my diet to exclude grains, and my performance has gone up my calorie consumption has gone about 500 and I have lost ten pounds over a period of 60+ days. Anyone that knows me, might wonder where I can lose ten, well to that I have another 6 to hit my target weight as I like to do endurance work outs being lean is more important to my performance than muscle, but at this point I'm not actively trying to lose weight.


You are what you eat along with you are how you act determine weight, with a dose of genetics.


I caution diets that reduce calorie consumption as most require a form of starvation that changes the way your body converts calories and when muscle versus fat is pulled from to compensate for loss of calories.

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Secondly wow that was not a healthy day.

I suppose not. A bit unclear given that day 1 was taken out of context, but I've been exercising a ton in the last few days, so eating like that was to purposely put fat back on my body. That, and those pizza rolls were on sale.

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So, looks like my limit is 2 days.


I'm unwilling to continue this food diary for another day. It's technically day 4, now, and I just don't care enough to write what I ate today or yesterday.


I have newfound respect for people with the stamina to write out what they ate for a longer period than 2 days...

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Too, bad. I was unironically fascinated with your eating habits. You seem to consume very few actual meals (I'm guessing that meat-potato cube-rice thing went together), and subsist off of random processed foodstuff. Primarily pizza rolls.

Replace all instances of hotdog with pizza rolls:


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Too, bad. I was unironically fascinated with your eating habits. You seem to consume very few actual meals (I'm guessing that meat-potato cube-rice thing went together), and subsist off of random processed foodstuff. Primarily pizza rolls.

Part of that is that processed food is easier to keep track of the calories and such, so it was somewhat targeted at this food diary. More or less, the reason I stopped. Pizza rolls were on sale and I bought far too many (4 big bags, I think...not the smartest purchase prior to a food diary-athon or in general, but I'm not about to buy more food until I finish the first food).


In regards to eating habits, it's an odd one to be sure. I basically start a new diet each day, based on how I'm feeling from the previous day's diet. It is a very "hunter and gather" type diet. Rather than trying to lose or gain weight, I try to keep my weight about the same.


I do tend towards less meals per day, more food per meal.


I find that food diaries actually force you to simplify what you are eating...otherwise it is too much of a struggle to track all these random items. 


I think if you simplify what you are eating, you will find keeping a log will be way easier.


I very much agree. One of the reasons I stopped was that I was starting to consider the food diary more important than the diet.


Rather than the pizza rolls, I typically do a mostly homemade pizza. I go whole wheat winco dough, wheat germ coating to prevent dough from sticking, pizza sauce and about a tablespoon of garlic, then mozzarella cheese, winco Italian spice blend and, as of late, Genoa salami.


My diet, as of late, also consists of alternating days of a half galleon of orange juice and half galleon of almond milk, typically consumed while walking or laying down.


For me, one of the big issues is that milk shouldn't be consumed unless I'm at home. I won't go into further details, but it's milk, not uniquely lactose and depending on the milk "medium" it can be more or less severe. Even trace amounts can be disastrous.


Within the last 9 months or so, I discovered the the cheese while in a pizza is mostly not affecting me, which was a very joyous discovery and why most days include pizza or pizza-like component. Prior to that, pizza was without cheese, if at all, which is very lacking on lots of levels. I'd been without milk products, for the most part, for about 6 years. Cheese by itself, remains an issue.

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