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Armored/Reinforced platoon tourney MuGu games Everett WA


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On Saturday March 21st MuGu games will be hosting a Bolt Action tourney, Doors open @ 10:00 AM and Games start @ 11:00


MuGu Games is located at

5233 Evergreen Way, Everett, Washington 98203 


I am really happy to be hosting the sixth Bolt Action tourney at MuGu games! We are going to try and make it a fantastic event. PM me with any questions.





• this will be a three game event FYI if we have an uneven number of players you may receive a bye.

• The point’s level will be 1500. This will be an armor selector/ reinforced platoon . Meaning you must take only one armored platoon and must take at least one reinforced platoons/Airborne/glider platoons1500 points.  Glider/Airborne platoons count as a reinforced platoon. No theater selectors may be taken you must take generic reinforced platoons.

Tows: Heavy and super-heavy artillery (this includes anti-tank guns and anti-aircraft artillery) require appropriate transport in order to be moved. This includes coming on from Reserve or First Wave. A player may choose not to include appropriate transport, however this means the gun is automatically considered destroyed in any situation where it does not start on the table. Any force may take an appropriately modeled tow unit that counts as a soft-skinned, damage value 6+, wheeled transport with the Slow special ability, and a transport capacity of any single light; medium; heavy; or super heavy gun team, for 15 points. This unit has a Regular rating. Players are encouraged to represent this tow unit with creative, historically accurate models such as horse and limber teams. 

Fixed Weapons: Fixed weapons, when given an Advance order, may pivot on the spot up to ninety degrees before firing at a -1 penalty, in the same manner as non-fixed weapons suffering the movement penalty. Note that indirectly firing a fixed weapon still requires a Fire order. 

LMGs: All Light Machine Guns purchased for infantry squads cost 5 points rather than 20 points. 

Vehicle Flamethrowers: All Vehicle Flamethrowers are treated as Flamethrowers (the infantry version) with one exception: A vehicle is not removed from play when it runs out of flamethrower fuel. It always suffers the penalty on its own damage rolls for having fuel tanks, whether it has fuel remaining or not. A vehicle with two flamethrowers rolls once and only once, per turn that it fires, to see if it has run out of fuel. If it rolls a one or a two, both flamethrowers count as empty. If a vehicle with multiple flamethrowers hits a target with both, the 1D3+1 pins are only applied once. Only one morale test on its target is caused if both flamethrowers are used on the same target. 

Transport/Opentopped armored vehicles: Open-topped vehicles with a 7+ damage value or greater receive pin markers in the same manner as tanks. That is to say, the controller of a Regular Open-topped vehicle with a 7+ DV struck by small arms fire rolls a six-sided die. On a 1-3 result, the vehicle receives the pin as normal. On a 4-6 result, the vehicle ignores the pin. A Veteran Open-topped vehicle with a 7+ DV would ignore the pin without needing a successful die roll. An Inexperienced version must receive the pin without any die roll. Note that regardless of the vehicle’s damage value, only small arms fire is ignored in this way. All heavy weapons fire inflicts pins as normal. Infantry aboard Open-topped Transports with a 7+ damage value or greater receive pins in the same manner while they remain aboard the transport. Regular infantry has a chance to ignore the pin; Veteran always ignores the pin; and Inexperienced always receives the pin in the same manner as tanks. Of course, this means that the pins are only ignored or potentially ignored when the firing weapon has no chance to damage the vehicle. Note that regardless of the Transport’s damage value, only small arms fire is ignored in this way. All heavy weapons fire inflicts pins as normal. Armored transports (those with a 7+ damage value or greater) may fire up to one weapon during an Advance or Fire order when they are empty, using the vehicle’s to-hit rating. When transporting, all weapons may be fired as normal. Note that soft-skinned, 6+ damage value, transports are excluded from this exception. Example: A regular Hanomag, transporting a regular 2LT, an inexperienced infantry squad, and a veteran infantry squad is fired upon and subsequently hit by a squad of American riflemen. The regular Hanomag rolls a die to see if it receives a pin. On a 4+, it does not. Regardless of the result, the regular 2LT also rolls to see if it is pinned. The inexperienced squad automatically takes a pin, regardless of the result on the Hanomag. The Veteran squad automatically ignores the pin, regardless of the result on the Hanomag



There will be one rule change to the glider rules the glider after it lands will be treated not as a soft skin transport that is immobilized but as soft cover.


• You may play army lists out of the main rule book but you may not mix units from army books.

• PDF’s are welcome! Even if that faction has an army book available.

• This event will be WYSIWYG WITH IN REASON (WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET) Meaning a model with a flamethrower or any weapon must be modeled so the guy/gal across the table will be able to identify it as such. Exceptions will be granted for certain models and vehicles bring them to the TO. The Idea is to make it so people can make good decisions during play but this is not meant to be crazy if you can make it so the guy/gal across from you can simply recognize what is what.

• You must bring 3 copies of a legible army list your main rule book, army book, Bolt Action order dice, Dice for game play, tape measure, tray for your army and something to mark units with pin markers. A Dice bag will be provided for each table.

• The entry fee is 20$ with 5$ going to the purchase of terrain for future tourneys 

• Rounds will be two hours and fifteen minutes with a 15 minute pre-game to go over army lists and meet your opponent.

• After the first game there will be a 30 minute break for lunch!

• 100% of the entry fee will go to prize support!

• Prizes will be awarded for best Allied, Best Axis, Best Minor Power, and Renaissance man! Renaissance man is the guy that paints well and plays well and is fun to play!

Scenarios:  Scenarios will be given out at game time at the event!

Scenario: 1. Point Defense 

Scenario: 2. Maximum Attrition you must win by 2 also there will be one objective in the table center.

You may only score with Infantry and artillery units or infantry units in transports forward deployers may never score. 

You must be within 3 inches of the objective 

You score 1 point each turn you hold the objective this point is only awarded if you control the objective at the end of a game turn.

Scenario: 3. Domination out of the tank war book

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