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Loctite - super glue gel

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Agreed, although losing a bottle of Loctite is psychologically worse ($3!) than losing a tube of dollar store glue ($0.50...)


Also, Andrewgeddon, you might want to fix your profile. It looks like you left yourself logged in at school. :)

...so I did! Sage advice though. Just one more thing I don't miss about going to school ;)

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I like Loctite, it's the right price and size. However, the issue I have with it is, it is brittle. If you drop a mini I've had plenty of arms pop off right at the bond. This can be good as it's easy to FIX, but an actual welding type glue is much stronger. Bryan told me once Loctite was actually designed as a plumbing bond, hence why it breaks in a straight line (it was meant to).


I've been meaning to try the Bob smith stuff as Bryan has never steered me wrong.

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