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ObSec and the New World


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One of my great frustrations at LVO was the lack of ObSec troops, a fact that single-handedly would have flipped two losses into major wins.  But with the advent of highly desirable detachments such as Leviathan for Nids, and now Decurion for Necrons, I see a trend where players are going to have to make tough decisions about whether to run ObSec troops.  Running without ObSec forces a different strategy for play - one I readily confess I have not yet gotten my head around.  I'm curious what strategies people will use to compensate for lack of ObSec?  How do you avoid the late objective grab by an ObSec opponent?  How do you yourself plan for the late game?  

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I myself have said from the beginning you need obsec. I really only have one list with none.


In that one list the answer is two things.


First, kill the enemy speed. This is generally the main thing that ALLOWS the grab. Sometimes that means firing at undesirablr targets, but without Obsec yourself, what choice do you have? Live in the now. Kill the speed.


2. Break the enemy into pieces by giving them unenviable choices and then exert your own positional dominance late which means valuing your own speed, evven reserving it to start at times

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Fast ObSec stuff should generally be fairly high on your target priority list whenever you get a shot at it. Unless there's something coming at you that's absolutely going to wreck you, I find it's generally better to pick off the fast stuff, and try to corral the enemy into a relatively small portion of the Board. Note that it doesn't have to be in their DZ. Against aggressive or (especially) drop lists, I sometimes abandon my DZ completely and pen them up in there as best I can.


I'm not yet good enough at Board Control play to really break it down better, but playing a lot of Maelstrom games has really helped me there. Even if you're not normally a fan, because of their undeniable issues, they hugely emphasize Board Control, and can get you some practice.

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