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Ward save on chariot character?

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You're talking about this entry:


Gorthol (Black Orc Big Boss): Armour of Destiny; Orc Boar Chariot; shield; Battle Standard. 252


Characters and the chariots they ride have separate profiles, just like pre-end times ridden monsters.


Therefore, attacks can be allocated against either the chariot or the rider. You receive the ward save when the character is attacked, but not when the chariot is attacked.


Note that characters on chariots both, separately, take characteristics tests (like initiative tests), and are affected separately. Characters and chariots are BOTH hit by a cannon, rolling to wound separately, in this case as well you get a ward save against the cannon hit on the character, but not the hit on the chariot.

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I just had a thought - your question may come from instances like the chaos warshrine, which does not confer it's own ward save to the character.


In that case, against because it's split profile, the ward save is part of the chariot, and not the rider.


In general (sometimes it is specifically stated otherwise) abilities of the chariot affect the chariot, abilities of, or gear bought by, the rider, affect the rider.

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also(just an fyi cause it can happen) make sure you randomize if someone hits it with a stone thrower for the S9 D6 hit. one takes that and other takes the lesser S3.  ive just seen that mistake made before and its a big one!

Thanks for the tip! I'm looking forward to Gorthol taking the big S9 hit right on the top of his Black Orcy head and ward saving it.

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