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End Times: Fetor Bubonicus (OFCC Blog)

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So, I'm playing on the Fantasy side this year, and the End Times has me all excited about Nurgle. Again. As if I need any reason to get excited by Nurgle. I'm running a Legions of Chaos all-Nurgle list this time around, and am re-using a lot of the models from my 40k Nurgle army. Which means that I can't use a lot of my old Fantasy stuff, and that I have to paint a bunch of stuff in the new style.


To start with, I sculpted up some fantasy maggot bases, and cast them in resin. That gave me bases I can use for my Plague Drones:




And after putting a few of those together it gave me a giant base for my Soulgrinder:



The Soulgrinder hangs off the edge of the base, but it's the legal base size and I won't glue the 'grinder down.



I also painted up some Plague Hounds for use as chaos hounds. I used Dire Wolves as the base, and gave them all a single eye and a single horn to match the Plaguebearer aesthetic.




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Of course, every new army needs the shiniest newest toys, so I put together a unit of Putrid Blightkings. They are incredible models to assemble and paint. GW really outdoes themselves with their new plastics.





I also got my minis from Reaper's second Bones kickstarter. While the group I ordered with hasn't done our draft of the smaller minis yet, I did get my big models. I'm using Mashaaf, the Great Old One as my Chimera. The thing is immense, and was an absolute steal for $12:






Dwarfing a Blightking for scale:



And finally (for now), I'm sculpting a chariot-sized maggot daemon to use as Tuskgor Chariots. I'll cast them up in resin when they are done. For now, this is last night's rough sculpt out of black Magic Sculpt. I'll add more texture and gribbly bits (and a mouth full of tentacles and teeth) in green stuff before I cast it.




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Thanks, gents! Kacy, I'd like to say there are tiny bits of toilet paper roll inside all that epoxy for the giant maggot sculpt, but, well...  That'll be my little secret.


Did some green-stuff sculpting last night and got eyelids on the eyeballs and added some pustules to the giant maggot. Also got the base done - my standard rocks-and-maggots. The Nurgle warrior is for scale. 





Also got a mold poured this morning, and did a few casts in resin. Damn, but I'm glad casting is part of my hobby skill-set. It makes so many projects so much easier! I've got some extra Plague Drone mandibles on order from a bits seller, and I'll add them to these fellas before painting. It'll make them a bit more dynamic and they'll fit in with the rest of the army a bit better.



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So, got my first game in with my planned OFCC list. Vs smashthedean's Undead Legion. Quick thoughts:


1) I'm not certain that unstable is a negative for daemons. It's nice to be able to predict how long a unit will stay if it loses combat.


2) Beasts of Nurgle are incredible! Holy smokes, I had no idea!


3) Blightkings are kind of neat. Not gangbusters great, but neat. They are certainly prime candidates for Fleshy Abundance, but the combo of high weapon skill and Mark of Nurgle makes them pretty resilient in combat.


4) Chimeras are more resilient than I gave them credit for. I thought only having 4 wounds would make them super vulnerable, but 4+ Armour, T5, and regeneration go together pretty nicely. Plus, SO MANY ATTACKS!!!


5) Winds of Chaos didn't really do anything one way or another.

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Current iteration is a 10. I've got:


Lvl 3 Great Unclean One with a greater gift and lore of Nurgle

Bray Shaman Scroll caddy with Beasts


23 Plaguebearers

3 Tuskgor Chariots

5 Hounds


4 Beasts of Nurgle

Chimera with regen

5 Blightkings

5 Furies


3 Plague Drones

Soulgrinder with Phlegm


Anything that can be marked with Nurgle is marked with Nurgle. It'll probably change as time goes on, but it's a list that's based mostly on stuff I already have painted in the style I want.

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SO happy to hear you'll be playing with the OCC this year (that's Original Club Challengers, you 40k copycats)!

Your work, as always, is incredibly inspired and effective.  Can't wait to see it in person, where your models always look even better (unlike mine, which photograph well but lose something on the table top).


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Jim, Im happy youve come back to the dark side................   :blink:

To be honest, it was the cookies. It's really hard to say no to cookies! I'm looking forward to playing with folks I haven't played against in ages. Though really, I could play either system and be happy. The OFCC is more about the people than the games. I love the format of having all the events at once - that way there's more people to see.


Kacy- I'm not going to rebase my rounds, but I've got Derek working on some movement trays with round slots to drop them in. I feel like square bases in 40k are more likely to affect play than round bases (in movement trays) would affect play in Fantasy.

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The Tuskgor chariots are done! Sometimes, I disgust even myself. The only things left are some Fury conversions I have planned (think daemon maggots with wings), 4 more Plaguebearers, and a Beastman Shaman (for which I'm using and old metal fly-headed Chaos Warrior). After that, I have a few more bases, all my movement trays, and a display board. Getting closer!






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