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Played SL and ASL many years ago when they were new, but early last year sold off my full collection of games,expacs and maps to fund more Warhammer/40k stuff.


Yes its pretty complex but is a rewarding game to play as its a great tactical infantry simulator for small unit actions.


And the rule book is certainly daunting,I rem the ASL book when it came out,it was a three ring binder that you added expansion and rules addendum pages to it!

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I have to assume you are talking about ASL, as original Sl is long out of print. That said you really don't need most of those rules to start. Mostly just the first section, and huge swaths of that aren't really needed to get started. What modules do you have? Beyond valor? If you can get your hands on it the paratrooper module had a good old school Avalon Hill 'Programmed instruction' section. You might be able to find a digital copy and use vassal to play it. I have not played In years but it is totally worth it. While I don't know how accurate it is, it makes for compelling saving private Ryan type ww2 action.

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