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Pipes question (40k terrain, for those thinking the other direction)


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Okay, promethium relay pipes have that 4+ cover where on 6s to save you take an additional d6 ap5 ignores cover hits. Are these additional hits resolved as shooting attacks?


I assume yes, just because they are "additional" hits, but I need to ask.


Reason it matters is for artillery, as the toughness of the artillery is used against shooting, but might not apply in other instances. Matters a lot for rapiers and thunderfires.


I know, pipes aren't the best cover for those weapons, but I'm stripping my thunderfire and thinking about situations that may come up with the pipes I'm already planning to field.

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Generally, speaking, anything that doesn't specify how it is resolved uses the rules for shooting attacks (because otherwise there are no generic "wound resolution rules.")

Thanks. That will have to do, as I agree, there really aren't any generic wound resolution rules.

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