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OFCC Ork List


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Alright, here's what I got so far. It's served me well in several games, and has a rash of threats that overwhelm surgical strikes. The big mek goes with the mega kannons, the mega nobz either go in their truck, or in the mekboy junkka. LOTS of cool modeling opportunities too. Follows adepticon rules, one allied detachment, and anything from forgeworld is 0-1.  Let me know what you think.


OFCC Ork Army – 1999


HQ – 135

Big Boss Gazzuk – 135

Mega Armor/Lucky Stikk/BP/Cybork

Great WAAAGH! HQ – 255

Big Mek – 150

Mega Armor/KFF

Mekboy Junkka – 105

Skorcha/RR/Supa-Skorcha/’Eavy Plates


Elites – 405

Kommandoz (10) – 150

Big Shoota (2)/Nob/PK/BP

Trifekta (3) – 140


Trukk – 35


Tank Bustas (5) – 80

Bomb Squiggs (3)


Troops – 535

Hat Takkaz (12) – 160

‘Ard Armor/Nob/PK/BP

Trukk – 35


Da Shield Boyz (10) – 140

‘Ard Armor/Nob/PK/BP

Da Flyboyz (10) – 100


Scrappaz (10) – 100


Great WAAAGH! Troops – 35

Gretchin – 35


Fast Attack – 125

Warkopta – 65


Grot Bomb Launcher – 35

Warbuggie – 25

T-L Rokkit


Heavy Support – 449

Lootaz (13) – 182


Looted Wagon – 72


Kustom Megga Kannonz (5) – 195

Grtoz (10)/Runtz (5)

HS #2 – 60

Big Trakk – 60

Boarding Plank/Skorcha

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Looks fine for the team event. The formatting threw me for a minute, but I think I got it all.

Yeah, very confusing format.


@professor X: any chance you could break it down by units and number in each unit?


Like this:

<unit name> (<total number in unit>, <upgrades>) <points>

<dededicated transport, if any> (<dedicated transport upgrades, if any>) <point cost of dedicated transport>


Or in example:

Tactical Squad (10, melta gun, lascannon, vet with melta bombs+power sword+bolt pistol) 200pts

-Rhino (extra storm bolter) 40pts


Makes it easy to get army reviews from people that don't know Orks as well as you do, can be helpful when wanting feedback.

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Well, the junkka is just a transport. AV 12/12/10, with a turret str 6 ap 3 flamer, a heavy flamer, grot riggers, open topped fast, with a ram. it's not a focal point of the army. the strength of the army is there is no focal point. everything is a threat, everything has a job to do and they often over-lap. there's no death star, no 700 point unit, nothing to focus on. I've done well against eldar, tau and dark eldar so far.

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