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War Thunder


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Does anyone on PC and have Steam play this?


My internet is very inconsistent over here in Afghanistan, but I have been able to play this game from time to time.


It has been fun till I got to the 2nd Tier tanks and the grind is crazy hard. But then again maybe I should just focus on playing the tanks I have nad not worry about the grind, that might just be the point.


Planes seems to work very well. My Tier 1 planes can take on Tier 3 pretty decently so there isn't as big of a gap.

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Ive been getting into it lately,I mainly play tanks on simulator mode though I try flying on arcade now and then( I suck at flight sims).


Up to tier 2 on the tanks now but haven't played that tier a lot and im in no rush to top tier play.The Match Maker seems to be pretty decent as well,I get a good mix of groups every game.


In game name is Towjack,not sure how grouping works in that game though,heh.

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