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So What's After Enfilade


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"Lend Lease" is a tournament where you DON'T have to bring an army, just bring your gaming aids (dice, tokens, ruler, template).


During the tournament, each table will have its own scenario (maybe from the rule book, maybe from the source books) and pieces, so the pieces won't be shipped from one table to the next during the tournament. Each table may be from different periods, EW, MW, or LW.  Each round, pairings are determined as to who is playing at which table, after looking at the table, armies, and scenario, the players determine who plays which (could easily be a die role).


If you don't mind allowing other people to play with your toys, you can suggest the use of your army and the organizers will see if they can use it.


This is a great tournament for new players trying to figure out where to start, players thinking about trying other periods, or players looking for something new to try.

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I know how lend lease works. I just have never been comfortable loaning out my painted miniatures because of the time that goes into them. If I screw them up its my own fault, but someone else... yeeg... wouldn't be pretty. I could see a "modified" lend lease work where you had a mix. Some people bring their own, others get loaners.

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