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Eldrad vs. Army Painter Strong Tone in a can


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What I really like is how it soaked into the ridges on his chest armor.  That's white primer with a 'dip' of Army Painter Strong Tone.  This is the oil-based stuff in a can, not the dropper bottles of water-based 'ink'.  Not a fan of what it does to flat surfaces of white, but will repaint that.  People say this product is basically the same as Minwax.  It's not, it's thinner.



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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I love the stuff have all three shades. I have even just promed dipped and highlighted to some great effects. My only complaint is I won't do it for 40k because I can't dip a tank :(

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I should have done more fooling around before I used it on anything I really cared about, but once I got the hang of it, I really like the stuff. My only issue is that the weather limits the times of year I can work out on my balcony, because I'm not using anything with that kind of fumes inside my apartment.

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I use a drill and a glass jar. I will attached the models to the drill, then dip them in the can, let as much drip off as I can, and then put it in the glass jar and spin at high speeds. Works fairly well. I'll then put it on a piece of cardboard to dry overnight. Next day, hit it with the mat spray and done. I do this in my office all the time. Never noticed a strong smell.

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