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Easy Peasy Flayed Ones


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Who needs 20 flayed ones? This guy! Who can afford $180 for new Flayed Ones? Not this guy!


So this is going to be my article for Frontline come Saturday. I know you ALL read my articles and thought I'd give a sneak peak. Cause, you know, I'm fabulous.


I went through my bits and took out some leftover Necron models with Warriors, Lychguard, Deathmarks and the like. These became the basis for my Flayed Ones. I wanted to showcase a ragtag set of models that have fallen to the Flayer virus, showing that no one was safe.

In searching for an appropriate claw, I came upon the lowly Hormagaunt Scything Talon. These small claws were just the thing for my conversion purposes. I simply cut off the ends of the claw, trimmed up the hands of the Necron models and glued them together.



Running short on claws I also found another great bit, the extra appendages from the Spyder sprue. Some have just the claws while others have both Spyder bits and claw bits. I think the basic warrior ends up looking the best as you can hunch them over and with the claws it gives them a menacing appearance. Take a look at some of the models I’ve been able to kit bash together to make my Flayed Ones pack. I’m pretty pleased with the end result over all.



I’m also thinking about adding some decay to my Flayed Ones with a dremel, carving out parts of the body and adding a sort of rust decay look. Then painting them in my normal style, adding rust to the decayed portions and throwing on some blood and gore to bring it all together.

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