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Codex: Khornekin


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Warboss85 wrote:
I hold the white dwarf in my hands. Theres a lot of information about Deamonkin in it :-) 

Blood for the Blood God Rule 

For every Unit that is killed enemy or friend you gain a Blood point for it. 
You can spend your points once a turn to summon some daemons or give some cool abilities to your guys(fnp is mentioned). 
For 8 Points you will get a Bloodthirster for free. 


Nearly every CSM unit is metioned except obliterators and psi-guys. 
Every khorne daemon is in there.

They are talking about different formations with different skills.

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For the Blood token system they mention in wd that EVERY killed unit give you 1 token. The point is that you loose all the points when you dont use all that you have. 

For example you have 2 points then summoning 8 Bloodletters for 1 point you will loose the other one.

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There isnt much to translate, not having my codex daemons at hand, seems the 200 pts one is just a BT, the 275 has the BIG axe of khorne which is Str D but has colossal rule which makes it I1, the special rules seems to be exactly the same as the current BT for these 2. 

The 300 pts one has besides those rules Hatred enemy characters, also comes with two weapons, Axe of Khorne and Bloodflail (sp?), it has a S5 AP4 flamer with soulblaze (awesome rule) and his flail can be used as a range weapon as well 12" S7 AP2 assault 3, and in close combat is Str User Ap2, with 2 special rules that i have no idea what they mean

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For Blood Token abuse:


Requirments: 3 Mucolid Spore Clusters, 3 Spore Mine Clusters
Restrictions: None.
Special Rules:
Advance Wave: All units in this Formation have the Infiltrate special rule.
Sporefield: Each time a Mucolid Spore Cluster or Spore Mine Cluster from this Formation is completely destroyed, roll a D6: on a 4+ you can immediately place a new unit into Ongoing Reserve that is identical in terms of the original number of models, weapons and upgrades to the unit that was just destroyed. These new units count as being part of the original Formation, so roll a D6 as described above if they are subsequently destroyed. Victory points are awarded as normal for new units in this Formation that have been completely destroyed.
Source: Campaign: Shield of Baal: Leviathan
- See more at: http://bloodofkittens.com/formation-compendium/#sthash.1oKs6fKL.dpuf

Ha! That'd be excellent.

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