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Time to Decide on the Slogan


Choosy Choosy Time  

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  1. 1. Pick All Your Favorites

    • "Victorious Hamsters Win First, Then go to war"
    • "Hamsters Don't Start Wars, We End Them"
    • "Hamster Smash"
    • "Guns Don't Kill People, Hamsters Kill People"
    • "Killing With Cuteness Since 2006"
    • "Let's Snuggle"
    • "Don't Mistake My Cuteness for Weakness"
    • "I Fear Not an Army of Wolves lead by a Sheep, But I dreadfully Fear an Army of Sheep led by a Hamster"
    • "I am a Hamster. This is How I Wheel"
    • "Say Gerbil One More TIME!!!"
    • "It's not the size of the hamsters in the fight, but the size of the fight in the hamster"
    • "It's fatal to head to war without your hamster to win it."
    • "Hamsters ASSEMBLE!!!"
    • "Release the Hamsters of WAR!!!"

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So you cant steal this, but thought I would share the "was not to be"Ordo slogan.


Currently we have "it aint easy being geek"...but when the site started some of us lobbied heavily (and lost) for:


"Gamers' do it with little men"


Sad day when that one didn't get voted in.....

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No worries Kacy shouldn't be a problem. I definitely had that in mind while I was posting this. I took 2-3 quotes from the other post with the slogan ideas from each person. Since it is multiple choice and I have voted already, people simply voting for their own should have little effect. In addition I will be narrowing the choice here down to a select few to vote again. Should help out with that.


Burk - I can definitely see how a day where that slogan wasn't decided, was a teary day indeed.

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Burk, that didn't get voted in because of the misplaced apostrophe. Try it without and it'll get voted in for sure!


Gotta fix the fear quote - no "dreadfully" and no "but". And lions, not wolves.


I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a hamster.




I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a hamster than one hundred lions led by a sheep.


We can hash it out if we go with that, though.

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