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The Warhammer of the Fantasy Variety

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I want to play some more!


I know that the 9th edition rumors took the wind out of a lot of peoples' sails, but we had a really good thing getting going around the end of last year and I'm hoping we can get that started up again. I got a game in with Jim last night and really enjoyed it - Fantasy is still a really fun game!


9th Edition isn't coming until this summer, probably July from the latest hubbub, and there is no reason not to enjoy 8th until then!


A lot of the 9th Editions rumors that everyone got upset about initially (bubblehammer, lizardmen no longer being an army), are looking less and less likely to happen as we've learned more about the End Times and 8th Edition's conclusion!


You guys planning to play in the Fantasy OFCC need practice games!


In conclusion, we should play some Warhammer Fantasy sometime.

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