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List I'm considering for the Rose city Wrath, if I can manage it. 


1 Runesmith: Shield, Stone, Passage, Spell Breaking, Ring of Thori

1 Thane: Shield, MR Grungni, Strollaz

42 Longbeards with shields, Full command and Stubborn and MR 1 (I know it does not stack but this is to meet the core)


1 Daemon Slayer. Might, ASF, Grudge

1 Daemon Slayer, Might, Flight, Grudge

1 Daemon Slayer, Alaric the Mad, Furry, Grudge

37 Slayers, Mu and Standard with Strollaz, two Giant Slayers one with Grudge one with AP, Flaming and +1 Int


1 gyro

1 gyro


5 Rangers

5 Rangers

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I figured as much based on the ranger convo we had at the brawl.

:) yup!  im a fan of rangers and copters.  as i said, i wish they werent in rare.  silly that they are imo.  they shouldnt have to compete with organ guns, drakes and flame cannons(bomber as well but i rarely take that anymore).  jokes are hard to make obvious by text.  i use to throw in 5 a lot.  70 point scouts is fine by me.  i used them a lot when i first started playing but i was pretty poor at using them correctly then.  ill be bringing them back in my bugman vanguard list...

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Damn it.  I will have to wreck at least one of your slayer armies. 


Sorry, Nate. 


...heh heh.



I suppose I owe Mojo a rematch of beasts vs dwarfs, but his slayers just love to munch through my monsters.

lol.  yea... funny how my dwarfs stuggle against your beasts more than any other army at ordo!  but i also dont run an all out slayer army...

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