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double carnosaur list for victory or death

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+ Lords (1037pts) +

Saurus Oldblood (452pts) Light Armour, Spear 
········Carnosaur, Loping Stride
····Magic Items - Charmed Shield - Talisman of Preservation - The Other Trickster's Shard

Saurus Oldblood (235pts) Cold One
····Magic Items - Armour of Fortune - Dragonbane Gem  - Potion of Speed - Sword of Might

Slann Mage-Priest (350pts) [battle Standard Bearer, Lore of Life, Wizard Level 4]
····Magic Items  - Dispel Scroll 

+ Heroes (371pts) +

Saurus Scar-Veteran (371pts) Shield, Spear
········Carnosaur, Loping Stride
····Magic Items  - Armour of Destiny

+ Core (626pts) +

Saurus Warriors (371pts) [Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer
····31x Saurus Warrior, Spears

Skink Cohort (115pts) Kroxigor , Musician, 11x Skinks

Skink Skirmishers (70pts)
····10x Skink Skirmisher Lustrian Javelins with Shield

Skink Skirmishers (70pts)
····10x Skink Skirmisher Lustrian Javelins with Shield

+ Special (235pts) +

Chameleon Skinks (65pts) 5x Chameleon Skink

Chameleon Skinks (65pts) 5x Chameleon Skink

Terradon Riders (105pts)
····3x Terradon Rider Lustrian Javelins

+ Rare (230pts) +

Ancient Stegadon (230pts) [Two Giant Blowpipes]

Comps out at a 13.6. I initially had two lvl 2 heaven skink priests and 2 more units of skink skirmishers in place of the life slann but found that I need a way to heal the carnosaurs. Bare bones slann with dispel scroll and lore of life is all I could fit. Wish I could take life on the skink priests. Had to take out skirmishers to make up for the comp hit from the slann as with two carnosaurs I am trying to be as close to 14 as possible

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