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This is what I was thinking for OFCC

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Does this look okay? 



104 Command Squad, master of ordinance, carapace, and camo cloaks

80 Command Squad, master of ordinance

40 Engineer


90 Veterans- 3 grenade launchers, carapace,

75           Chimera- hunter killer missile

40 Platoon Command Squad- 2 flamers

65 Infantry Squad- Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter

65 Infantry Squad- Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter

100 Heavy Weapon Squad- 2 Lascannons, 1 missile launcher

105 Heavy Weapon Squad- 3 Lascannons


125 Scion Command Squad- 4 meltas

90 Scions- 2 meltas

Fast Attack

125 Hellhound

126 Hellhound- spotlight

170 Vendetta

Heavy Support

280 Basilisk Squadron- 2 basilisks, camo netting

180 Lemun Russ Main battle tank, flamers, storm bolter, lascannon

90 Griffon Heavy Mortar (FW)- Camo netting


50 Aegis Defense line


I could give the vets 3 plasma guns and give the other hellhound and the chimera spotlights by dropping the hunter killer missles, flamers on the platoon command and either carapace or the camo cloaks on the Command squad. 

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Ok Eli, bear with me one moment here as I am not 100% on GUARD.


From this list and the 15 minutes I saw you gaming with it on Tuesday, it looks like you have the Basilisk squad hidden behind the D-Line?

Then on another part of the field you have the Lascannon T3 3W models elsewhere in your deployment zone?


So thus far you have 2 Basilisks getting a 3+ cover save. The next question then is going to be what are you doing with the 2 hell hounds. Are you running them up the field for an alpha strike or are you going to keep them back for Basilisk protection?


Is the Command squad (meltas) in the vendetta? If so and you are looking to deepstrike them in, I would severely take a look at what you plan to do with them, as mike and corey discovered that if you mishap and can place them then they are counted as destroyed. Meaning yes if you mishap and go into ongoing reserves then they are counted as destroyed. Just some food for thought. I don't know how dearly you hold them.


OFCC wise and from my experience (not much) I would guess this list would rate pretty high. Probs a 3 but I couldn't say. 3 is Good Eli, means its not very powerful. Unless the Basilisks are Apoc. You may experience some challenges if you get pitted against some heavier things, Ie.) Titan, Gargauntuan etc. Tau might bend you over and have their way (with the ability to remove your cover and destroy tanks). Eldar as well. You might be able to handle Orks, Necrons, Demons, and not Big Bug Tyranids.


Overall (and my final thought) is remember that OFCC will probs be Maelstrom so setting those objectives ever so tactically before deployment is going to be a huge benefit. Your vehicles at the very minimum can move 12 to get on objectives, so I would personally recommend placing one ojective where your D-line will be and another 13" away from that one. Quick movement from objective to objective.


Are you not taking any D-line upgrades?


Hope all of this helps.

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The plan was to have the D line in a corner with artillery, with a little pocket for one command squad to sit their so they can orbital bombard from there. 


The other command squad and the heavy weapon squads get a good vantage point,preferably in cover and lay down fire to kill tanks. 


The veterans and the hell hounds are there to go fast and capture objectives, I am thinking of switching to plasma for some more ap 2. 


The vendetta was going to be with nothing inside but the platoon command inside would be a good way to swoop across and deep strike next to a objective. 


The scions are there to deepstrike and kill tanks. The techpriest is there to give tanks or units power of the machine spirit so I can either split the fire of the basilisks or repair vehicles. 

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Looks pretty slick. Only other note I would add is, get on objectives and get on them quick as some of the missions have the "draw up to x where x is the number of objectives you currently control". Also there are a couple of the "if you control more than double objectives get D3 victory points" cards in the deck. As much as I hate to say it, that's the real way to win.

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