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New GW Cases


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I don't know...ive got 2 of their cases,the ones that are like the briefcase size,one is the big one that holds like 6-1"foam trays 3 side by side ...and ive used it like 3 times I think,its just too huge.


Not really impressed with these new ones either.


I think what works best is just toolboxes with various size foam trays,,or may latest cases are the plastic stackable drawers from FM`s and I just bungie them together.This way I can carry a big model in one and use the foam trays in the others and just add more drawers as needed.


I would consider Battlfoam bags if I was going to be traveling(flying) but otherwise would prefer not spending the hundreds of dollars for all that custom foam stuf.

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It depends on your needs. If you've got a car, a bunch of options are available that don't really work for those of us stuck taking transit. The specialty cases make that significantly less hassle.


I'm gonna have to take a look at these in person at some point, see if they'll be enough of an improvement over what I've already got to justify picking one up.


This also kind of answers what I was wondering about how GW was going to address the fact that the 32mm bases are kind of awkward to fit in their current cases.

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I love how they show an army with two vehicles and four walkers and are like "ZOMG YOU CAN FIT ALL THIS STUFF IN THE CASE!!!!!1 AMAZING!!!!!"


Hey GW: transporting a bunch of infantry guys isn't hard, everyone knows that. It's dragging around MCs, Knights, Drop Pods by the dozen, and all of that kind of stuff that people struggle with. You know, all of those huge, fancy new models you keep shoving on us.

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