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CA ITS lists


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So here is the initial idea for ITS style tournaments. I know we need 2 lists usually but here is a pretty general one. 4 specialists and plenty of hitting power. Med tech is pretty self explanatory in that he hides while the slaves do all the work. Shrouded FO for getting up close to an objective early on. Charontid, shrouded sniper and drone obliterate everything while the witch soldiers advance and provide smoke cover for the Umbra or for the charontid to shoot through. The ikadron can either be agressive with the Umbra and act as a repeater/area denial or play a more defensive role by camping near the charontid or drone.

Possible changes in case I need another specialist are to drop the shrouded sniper and grab either a zerat hacker, Fraacta hacker or another shrouded FO. If I did that I would probably upgrade my Kurgat to have an autocannon.



Combat Group 1     Orders: 10

MedTech Obsidon Medchanoid » Combi Rifle              SWC:0.0     Cost:23

Slave Drone »                                         SWC:0.0     Cost:3

Slave Drone »                                         SWC:0.0     Cost:3

The Shrouded » Forward Observer                       SWC:0.0     Cost:25

The Charontids » Lieutenant HMG(Multispectral Visor L3)  SWC:2.0     Cost:79

Kurgat Assault Engineer » Mk12AP Mines                SWC:0.0     Cost:23

Q-Drone » HMG                                         SWC:1.0     Cost:26

Daturazi Witch-Soldier » Chain RifleSmoke Grenade     SWC:0.0     Cost:14

Umbra Legates » (Hacking Device Plus)                 SWC:0.5     Cost:43

The Shrouded » MULTI Sniper Rifle                     SWC:1.5     Cost:31

Daturazi Witch-Soldier » Boarding ShotgunSmoke GrenadeSWC:0.0     Cost:20

Ikadron Batroid » (Baggage, Repeater)                 SWC:0.0     Cost:9

Total SWC: 5.0         Total Points: 299

Generated with Infinity Pool


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