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Officers of the Fleet


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The local gaming group, and other's who have posted list all seem to have at least one unit in reserves, or a number of drop pods. I wonder how effective it would be to take a double force org of AM and to take 4 officers of the fleet. That way opponents reserves are coming in on 6's and yours on 2's. Only cost 320 for that many command squads which leaves a lot of room for AM troops and the hope is that you are delaying more than 320 points of troops long enough for you to pretty well deal with the troops on the board and give you time to take objectives. 

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Just used one over the weekend and I wont be doing that again...


In the way you are suggesting you NEED to go second in order to make it work on turn 2,the most important turn.So if your opponent wins the roll he can screw you all up by making you go first so theres that.

Then consider that if hes podding on you then it sounds like hes going to have at least a few CC squads to target and take out,but that could take a few turns to do of course.


And theres the issue of it requiring a moral check,and since its an "Order" can it be used if you go to ground or are pinned?...like other orders cant.Though in the tournament over the weekend we allowed them to be used.I would get clarification on this with your TO`s first before you build for it.I spent a lot of time pinned with my CC squad because its always a high priority and some list can easily shoot it off the board.

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Yeah, he needs a Ld Test now. And it's one that he personally has to take (like Priests), so he can't use the Officer's Ld, it's on his Ld 7. That means that if you do shell out for 4 of them, you're likely getting your Reserves in on 2+, but only nerfing your Opponent's to 4+, since there are decent odds that two of them will fail.


However, there's no need to go second. You roll for it very first thing in your Turn, and if you pass, it affects your Reserves Rolls for that Turn. Or your Opponent's in his next Turn, whichever that happens to be.


Despite the similarity of the names, Naval Orders are not the same as the Orders covered by the Voice of Command Rule. They work exactly as detailed on Pg.31, which doesn't say anything about not being able to use them while Gone to Ground, Falling Back, or locked in an Assault.

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I'm not sure what Rcnjack is talking about.

HEY im a rules eggspurt ya know! LOL


Yeah,,im often times not sure of what im talking about...


Thanks for some of the clarification WR:)


My thinking on the game turn issue was from the BRB description on page 17 on "Game Turns and Player Turns".Now I know in this case it would be dealing with the Player Turn part.I was just assuming that if I went first then my opponent,not having taking a "Player Turn" yet,would thus have his "Next Turn" actually be his first turn.I could just see myself going first,disrupting their reserves then have them go and say,"Oh I cant bring reserves in yet anyway" so no biggie...


Anyhow,,yeah MotF is really kinda weak.

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