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Removing models from old bases


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So I picked up a some Empire stuff off of good ol' Craigslist last weekend: lots of State / Missile troops, some cavalry, and some warmachines. Most of the army I've had no problems with, but some of the models are already based, and they are proving exceeding difficult to "un-base." From what I can tell, it's just small / medium ballast, stuck on with an absolute TON of superglue. 

2015 03 26 10.58.45 (1)


I've pried off 3 of the guys: one of them had their feet damaged to the point they were unusable, and the other two had their feet mangled, but was still salvageable. I was wondering if anyone had any tips? Is there anything I can do to "soften" this rock-hard cake of super glue? Most of the troops seem to have it up to their ankles  :sad:




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If it is superglue, you can try to freeze the models to weaken the bond. You might also try to cut the bases off instead of pry them off.



Freezer. :)

Hey Ostermark, what REALLY destroyed Mordheim?



chill Out

...but yeah, I'll give the freezer the try. Thanks all! Failing that, Simple Green solves all Warhammer woes!
I tried cutting the model off at the base, with mixed results. Maybe I need to try a different technique though.
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I've been stripping models and rebasing lately quite often...given me quite a bit to think about with regards to future assembly/painting of my models.


In example, if you were to pin the models to the base, and glue the pins in place, but not directly glue the model to the base, re-basing would be quite easy.

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It's pretty difficult to rescue fine detail from super glue abuse. Sometimes I slide a single edge razor blade between the base and the feet - be super careful if you try this! Otherwise it's a dunk in some pine sol followed by careful tooth brush work. 


Cost of doing business I guess. 

I've found simple green soaking can turn some super glues into a jelly which can be peeled off with fingers or tweasers. Doesn't seem to work with all glue.

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