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Warhammer Getting Pulled From GW Store Shelves?

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I have seen multiple posts from the local GW store on his FB page with a picture of product, and the caption "Come get this stuff, last chance to buy in store before it becomes "Web Only" merchandise."


Oh, and what pretre said above :)


They are going to rebrand/repack a lot of stuff...9th will probably herald in all new designs (bubble packaging, duh! )

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Large portions of GW's stock have been "Direct Only" for quite a while now. They essentially disincentivize retailers from stocking it regularly via a lengthier ordering process and lower margins. There's really no surprises here at all.

On the topic of "Direct Only" though, I'm guessing that this strategy figures into the rumours of future "limited release" kits. It seems ludicrous for GW to design these expensive kits then throw away the molds afterwards. Much more likely that they'll move to "direct only" after a period in order to make way for a new wave of higher-volume stock. This both makes the shelf space of their retail locations and partners more efficient as well as pushing a wide variety of products into a higher-margin category.

Can't wait for 9th to come out and dispel all of these silly "WHFB is being discontinued" rumours. They're starting to get really irritating.

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