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The Eve Is Upon Us...drink, Drink, DRINK

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Alright Hamsters. Fasten up your hip waiters, check your floaties air pressure, and don that sexy shower cap because we are about to drown all of our sorrows away 12 times over. Only hours away and a growing tingling sensation of excitement tickles my lower tummy area. Probably just the anticipation of next day's beer poops.


We once before defeated the city of Bellingham who stood firmly disbelieving that it was impossible for the best damn gaming community to show what it takes to be beer drinking champions. This night, the eve of our return, mothers tuck their children in a little bit tighter than usual. Laughing families at dinner seem a little more solemn than usual. Officers of the law feel a little more like taxis than usual.


Sleep but when you do, dream of how fabulous the taste of that final drop of your 12th beer is. That beer that springboards you into the ecstasy of your second championship.


Tomorrow we drink.


Tomorrow we stumble.


Forever we stand.

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Sherbert walked me home. I am sort of alive.

you did it for me last year so it was good to return the favor. Yesterday was the first day that I have ever puked the day after drinking, so I think its safe to say if we do this again im going to limit myself a bit more. I didnt feel like a human again until around 6:00ish. 

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Yeah, the morning I was questioning if that was going to happen but it was ok. Didn't feel terrible, but just bummed around all day so Sunday was pretty much a wash. Feel great today, though!


SHERBERT! Thanks for buying a picther wherever that was. I am sorry we didn't get to hang out more. Or sorry that I don't remember and we did. Whatever.

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