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Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta


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HoTS is a less obtuse and less frustrating version of Dota.  I like most of the changes they have made to make their moba unique.   However you still live or die by your teammates.   So it still can be a crapshoot unless you team up with with friends.

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HotS is a great game.  I've been in since the Alpha as well, and I really enjoy it much more than LoL or DotA.  Mostly because it's fast enough paced, and they don't focus on things which bring the elitist "skillz" out, like last hitting.  However, if that's your deal, you can actually play characters who get abilities with it.


The Stealth heroes are more annoyances than anything else for the serious players.  Zeratul is actually much worse than Nova, because he has an escape.  The Nova clone got better recently, but it's still always easy to spot the one running away. :)


My biggest issue right now is that their match making still leaves a bit to be desired.  I think that there's some weird memory issues, with momentary lag at times, and it comes and goes, so I don't know what all is going on there.


I liked that they opened up more levels on characters, although I haven't played Tychus in so long that they changed some stuff on him (most notably a second health bar on his Odin ultimate) that I was actually taken by surprise.  Raynor also used to be an absolute pimp and he got hit with the nerf bat hard. <sigh>

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