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WTS Astra Militarum/Tempestus with SM Allies


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To keep up with my rule of limiting my 40k collection.
I have an Astra Militarum Army for sale:
Commissar Yarrick
Lord Commissard
2 Ministrum Priest
8 Lascannon Team
8 Sergeants with Power Weapons
4 sergeants with Power Fist
92 Lasgun Guardsmen
3 Platoon Officer 
8 Lasgun Guardsmen
4 Las Pistol and CCW Guardsmen
3 Leman Russ TL Autocannon With Heavy Bolters
1 SM librarian
10 SM Scouts
The vast majority of Guardsmen are Tempestus Models with Berets.
Anyone interested?
Retail the Entire Army is $1,100 not including all the Beret Heads conversion. I would be interested in selling it for $770 in total (a 30% Discount) with the Foam included.
Will be posting Photos today.
Keep in mind that the all of the Infantry is 3 Colors Minimum except the Librarian. Yarrick, the Priests, the Commissar are all painted to Tabletop standard and the Priests are Inquisition Crusader Models.
The Russ are not painted.


Photos here: http://imgur.com/a/bwGw1#0

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