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Gearing up Tau Force


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I'm building out a Tau force for my son. He's choosing models based on how much he likes them, not on overall utility  :happy: I'm hoping to get some advice on how to effectively kit out each unit:

1 Commander
3 Crisis Shas'ui
3 Stealth Shas'ui
12 Fire Warriors w/ Shas'ui
12 Fire Warriors w/ Shas'ui
12 Fire Warriors w/ Shas'ui
3 Piranhas
1 Sky Ray Missile Defense Gunship
1 Broadside Shas'ui
Thanks for any advice...
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Those are pretty solid Units, as far as I know. I'm fairly new to Tau myself, so I'm sure someone else will come in with more info, but in general, it's hard to go wrong with Missile Pods (High Yield or regular), and Fusion Blasters are the way to go on the Piranhas. I'd probably take a Fusion Blaster in the Stealth Suits, too. Fire Warriors generally don't want much in the way of upgrades, but a single Drone per Squad might be nice to bump them over a Morale threshold.


Maxing out on Missile Pods isn't doable with what comes in one box of Crisis Suits, but the Plasma Rifle pairs reasonably well with them. Probably best to try to leave the weapons on the Crisis swappable in some manner, whether magnets or just a bit of blu-tac (they almost pressure-fit, so it just takes a tiny bit of blu-tac, not even noticeable if you're careful), because they have so many options.


The Commander has even more options than the Crisis Team does, so I'll leave advice on him for someone more experienced.

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Tau Empire is the army Ive won the second most tournaments with and they are my first love.  Here's my advice and tell him to Believe in Our Destiny!


Two CADS here.  Dunno how many drones you own since you listed none, so feel free to play with those.


CAD 1:

170pts  1 Commander (Iridium Armor, Flamer, Fusion Blaster, Vectored Retro Thrusters, Stim Injector, Onager Gauntlet, Puretide Engram Neurochip)
133pts  3 Stealth Shas'ui (Shas'Vre w/ Two Shield Drones, Advanced Targetting System x 3)
54pts  6 Fire Warriors
54pts  6 Fire Warriors
CAD 2:
60pts each  Convert/Proxy two Fire Warrior Shas'ui's into Cadre Fireblades.  He won't need Shas'ui because the Fireblade is the units leadership.
99pts  12 Fire Warriors
99pts  12 Fire Warriors
130pts  3 Piranhas (Burst Cannons, Flechette Discharger x1)
205pts  3 Crisis Shas'ui (Plasma+ TL Fusion Blasters, Shas'Vre w/ 2 Shield Drones)
130pts  1 Sky Ray Missile Defense Gunship (TL Smart Missiles, Disruption Pod)
104pts  1 Broadside Shas'ui (Shas'Vre Upgrade, 2 Shield Drones, Early Warning Override)
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You're welcome.  The FireBlades prove extremely impressive addons to a Fire Warior unit that doesnt move.  


The Ethereal would be the next purchase i would make, given your list.  In fact, I'd recommend Aun'Va specificlaly and vigorously given what your son has..  MUCH harder to kill and way more useful.  To get to 1500, I would abolutely recommend a Marker Drone Swarm and giving the Drone Controller to the Command suit along wiht a Multi spectrum suite.


What all of this does it gives the army two things it BADLY needs:  Markerlights that never miss (by not firing the Command suit, all the Markerlights hit on 2's and re-roll misses) and the list also gains army wide assistance to its LD, and especially for those within 12" of the Ethereal.  


UNfortunately you REALLY need two Markerlight sources.  so once the Etheral is purchased, and the Markerdrones converted (super easy) or purchased, then I would focus on getting three Sniper Drone units.  The Firesight Marksman in those three units form a VERY accurate second source of Markerlights, their weapons are affected by the Ethereal and they are a great answer to ground bound monstrous creatures.  More than that, they are tougher and easier to defend than Pathfinders (3 Marksman and 3 Sniper Drones are majority Tough 4, 4+ saves with Stealth to start the game).

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