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Legion of the Damned + Daemons


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Someone suggested the Legion of the Damned codex for allies in that Minotaur thread of mine. I didn't really realize they had a codex (given that it was never printed and I haven't see anyone field it). I finally managed to snag a peak, and, while it doesn't fit what I need for my Minotaurs, I was thinking that they'd make amazing Chaos Marines and then I could make that CSM army I've been wanting to field, despite not actually having any CSM.


I'm thinking of modeling them as Thousand Sons, on account of their unit-wide invulnerable saves and slow & purposeful USR, plus because I have a unit of those primed and the upgrade packs are pretty easy to acquire. In terms of points, the actual thousand sons are actually more expensive and mostly worse, but have a psyker character leading the unit. Him being a psyker only in fluff doesn't seem like it would be too problematic from a fluff-rules standpoint.


Regarding weapons, really depends on build and fluff. Could stick with the pure bolter theme of Rubrik Marines with the unit character being with power weapon and pistol - Probably get a heavy bolter in there too. That said, unit is probably not too viable like this (unless they include the warlord and roll a certain Legion of the Damned Warlord Trait which grants armorbane to bolt weapons...). In all likelyhood, I'd be taking a mix of weapons to fill the gaps in the Daemon codex. For example, having a pair of flakk missile Legion of the Damned Squads would really bolster the Daemon army, as it's a AA solution which they don't really have (beyond soulgrinders). That said, Legion of the Damned is very expensive, very quickly...


As for daemons, the initial idea would be to take Tzeentch daemons. They've got some fun rules and making this army into the Arch-nemisis of my Brother Chaptain Stern via the GK+Minotaurs thread would be pretty cool. Goal is a fun army.


I say initial idea because those Legion of the Damned have this slick relic option which can potentially cause wounds to enemies which fail morale, pinning, or fear tests within a 12" bubble. So the temptation would be a mix of daemons focused on lowering leadership.


I will note that Legion of the Damned are most certainly "Come the apocalypse" allies to Daemons, but I'm not seeing a huge issue, as LotD are a pretty independent force and can't deploy on the table turn 1.

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Army is still very loose in my mind:


Thinking I want roughly 20 Legion of the Damned/thousand sons, being a 10-man and two 5-man squads.


Then for Daemons, I want a big squad of 20 horrors with attached disc herald (with staff of change and loci of change). 1-3 additional 10-man horror units. A Mutating warpblade PA prince and a lord of change (Likely with grimore or portalglyph).


Anything beyond the above is still murky in my mind. Planning to use a good number of OOP metal models for both CSM and daemons, so some limitations within there regarding upgrades. For example, Prince is that OOP inquisitor scale chaos space marine, so model really must be in power armor (warpforged armor). Herald is also an OOP model, a CSM model with staff, disc, plasma pistol (psychic fire focus, of course...).

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Stripping models.....


So far, located 9 pink/blue horrors. Ordered another 10 on ebay. Looking for more (the old, very old, metal ones), if you know any willing to part with them.


Turns out that one of the old models I have is actually Magnus the Red from warhammer epic. Odd flying monkey with club. Going to have to use him for something...


Ordered a lot of 8 flamers of tzeentch from ebay. Very cheap, given they are from the same edition as the horrors. Not sure if I'll use them in the list, or just for summoning.


EDIT 12 horrors come in the mail instead of 10.

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In school this term, so no 40k league which means all model painting and building, but no lists or playing.


Okay, so I've got:


9 horrors at home, 14 in the mail

0 flamers at home, 8 in the mail

1 Magnus the Red Epic-scale Greater daemon lord (little flying monkey about blue horror sized)

1 Inquisitor Scale Space Marine with mutating sword+BP (Daemon Prince in Warpforged armor)

2 Thousand Sons Squad leaders (1 with sword+BP other with Staff+PP)

7 Thousand Sons with Bolters

1 Tzeentch HQ on disc (Plasma pistol+Staff)

1 CSM with Missile Launcher

+ hundreds of non-CSM marines which might be persuaded to switch sides if the proper paint were applied...


As for painting, those stupid TS/tzeentch have the same paint theme as that small detachment of eldar I was painting up. Good news is that it makes it easy to apply, but I'm a bit annoyed otherwise. Basically, going blue on blue for main, with a grainy wood supplement and pink/cherry effects/highlights. Idea, more or less, is/was a cherry tree amongst a blue sky. Tzeentch will have it lean more towards fire and less towards petals and the TS have yellow/gold stripes, but the colors remain about the same. Suppose it doesn't matter much, as those eldar were going to be chaos-y eldar anyway so could keep the eldar as is.

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That flying monkey should totally be a Herald on disk! Or maybe the changeling...

Changeling would work.


I think the Herald on disk would be confusing unless I added an actual disc to the model.


I'll probably use him as either the horror upgrade character (Iridescent Horror) or as a summon-able Herald on foot.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Still a work in progress. Painting has been really slow.


As for list construction, I've been thinking about the Pink horrors. Not the most impressive unit for anything other than the psychic phase warp charge generation. Was thinking there would be some merit having the unit reside in a building all, or most, of the game. Logic is that they generate the warp charge either way, but they don't bring any shooting or assault ability. Not sure if the building approach would be wise, but it's an interesting option.


Other idea is to kit them with staves of change and treat melee as a suicide squad. In this case, staff of change, if and when it kills something, will also inflict a rather self-damning S5 ap- hit to those within d6" which I think may prove very self destructive for the horror units.


I find the greater rewards, like the mutating warpblade, rather impractical for pick horror unit leaders. The Greater etherblade has some merit, but remains expensive.


I could, however, take two lesser rewards. This does have some appeal, as default, we can take etherblade staff of change, as both are specialist weapons, so worst case, +1 attack on either profile. Still, very spendy - equal cost to a greater reward.

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No matter how you slice it, Pink Horrors suck in combat. Back when he was still a thing, I took out a squad of like 15 of them with Marbo single-handedly, with only slightly above average rolling. Just take 11, stick them somewhere safe to generate Warp Charge. If it's some place with Firing Points, they can use Flickering Fire out of it. I've sometimes seen people add one or more ML3 Heralds, as those are pretty cheap per Warp Charge.

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No matter how you slice it, Pink Horrors suck in combat. Back when he was still a thing, I took out a squad of like 15 of them with Marbo single-handedly, with only slightly above average rolling. Just take 11, stick them somewhere safe to generate Warp Charge. If it's some place with Firing Points, they can use Flickering Fire out of it. I've sometimes seen people add one or more ML3 Heralds, as those are pretty cheap per Warp Charge.

I'm debating that one. I mean, I agree that they suck for points. My concern is that opponent will send a lacking assault unit to dismantle the horrors due to their reputation for being weak in assault.


Statline wise, they have fear and guardsmen stats.


If opponent fails the fear test, unlikely, WS is functional, though strength remains lacking.


Loci of change could have merit, as strength would go up 50% of the time, with only a 33% chance of losing strength with loci.


Staff of change add 2 strength and concussive. Concussive has merit with this unit, certainly, though the strength increase is more potent. Staff of change add 2 strength to the loci's d6 strength for the herald/champion, meaning they only retain normal strength 16% of the time.


Cleaving strike adds some amusing potential loci of change, as the herald/champion could actually have s10 (d6x2) on hit rolls of 6.


If both cleaving strike and the staff of change, 6s to hit would be S10 on a strength d6 roll of 4+ (d6x2+2).


In all cases, iffy, but it would be enough to make walkers and some infantry units reconsider assaults.


Ideally, I'd want lesser rewards of either the armorbane template or the S8 shooting attack for a primary roll, but staff of change or cleaving strike are good seconds, especially if I already have a loci of change in the list.


Entire army is ridiculously random...

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Better just to keep them cheap and out of the way. If someone does go all the way over there to Charge them, at least it's getting one of their Units out of the way for a while.


Also, Daemon Princes have access to Biomancy regardless of which god they're dedicated to, so you can still go fishing for Enfeeble without having to bring in Nurgle Units.

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