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W: (2) Rhino side doors H: tons o' stuff


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Hello there,


Looking for (2) Rhino side doors, any condition (they're going on Chaos Rhinos).  To be specific, these are the outer door hatches that are part of the outer hull when attached.

I have a super huge amount of bits for a bunch of different 40k armies so if I can trade anything, that'd be peachy.  If cold, hard cash works better that's fine too.


Please reply to this post.  Doing it locally instead of in the Rogue Trader forum; my apologies if that's frowned upon... just lemme know and I'll repost.


Thanks and stay safe,



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Okey doke, I'll put them in a tiny bag and mark it Jayne_Cobbb and drop it off at DTG in the back by the modeling table.  I'm hoping to go into town today to drop off a saddle n' stuff for wifey poo if FedEx ever gets here. 


If it doesn't get there today, my apologies... I'm working all week (8pm-7am) so will try and drop it off to DTG one of those nights if tonight goofs up for some reason.


Stay safe and thanks,



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