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Want: single WE Dryad; single Bloodletter; 'nid Gargoyle wings


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I have a few different ideas to try out for a Fury conversion, and would like to build one before buying a whole box.


I have $$ to buy, or Bretonnia, Dark Elf, Chaos, Grey Knight models and bits for trade if you prefer trade!


Please PM me if you can help me out, so I'm not stuck buying a whole box of each just to try it!! :)





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Hello there,


I realize that they're not gargoyle wings but in my bits box for 'nids I seem to have a bunch of Forge World wing sections, I think for tyranid warriors?  I Google-Foo'd "tyranid wings" and they look like the Forge World ones to me.


Anyhoo, if the gargoyle wings don't pan out and these might work, please lemme know.


Stay safe,



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